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Learning to Breath in the Holiday Chaos

The Mommy MD Guide Book: Surviving Morning Sickness

It’s amazing that something as simple as breathing can calm you down and ease your worries. But it’s true: Regular, mindful breathing can help reduce stress and paradoxically give you energy. Here’s one breathing technique that you can use twice a day, or even just when you find your mind swelling on upsetting thoughts. Sit […]

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Meet Julie Davine of Three Lollies

Julie Davine

VoyageLA just published a great new article about Three Lollies. Three Lollies was started by healthcare professionals who saw how debilitating nausea can be for pregnant women, cancer patients, bariatric patients, and others suffering from chronic nausea. They wanted to find a natural, drug-free remedy to help ease nausea symptoms and dry mouth. You can […]

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7 Secrets to Having a Blissful & Healthy Pregnancy

Relaxing While Pregnant

I remember visiting my in-laws “across the pond” in Europe when I took a pregnancy test. Within seconds the line showed positive. Clear as day!  “Babe, I’m pregnant!” I quietly told my husband so no one else would hear the news just yet. A big smile came over his face; this was a surprise for […]

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