Smoke Free Naturals Container


Three Lollies Smoke Free Natural Drops, 3 Count: 21 Lozenges
  • STOP SMOKING AID: So you can breathe easier, have more energy, and live longer

  • COMES IN FOUR GREAT FLAVORS: So you can enjoy the process of quitting

  • ALL NATURAL & DRUG FREE: Get rid of those unwanted side-effects so you can feel better all day long

  • NICOTINE FREE: So you can avoid ingesting the very dangerous chemicals that are a part of nicotine

  • NATURAL SUGARS: So you can stay calm and relaxed through the process of quitting

Kick your habit of smoking with Smoke Free Naturals by Three Lollies!

This all natural, stop smoking aid helps you curb the oral fixation associated with smoking through the use of four delicious flavors.

Most smoking cessation products help you quit smoking through the use of Nicotine, but Smoke Free Naturals eliminates Nicotine all together. Each lollipop contains the perfect balance of healthy sugars and L-tryptophan to keep you calm through your process of quitting.

Quit smoking the all natural, healthy way through the use of Smoke Free Naturals.


  • All Natural
  • Drug Free
  • Recommended by Healthcare Professionals

Developed by healthcare professionals as an alternative to smoking.

Our lollipops are effective due to our special formulation and our unique delivery method that allows you to replace your cigarette with our lollipop.

Use Smoking Sucks in combination with a strong desire to change your health and your life.

Ingredients: Dried Cane Syrup, Corn Syrup, Citric Acid, Alfalfa Extract, Natural Flavors (made with essential oils Pineapple, Cinnamon, or Wintergreen) and Natural Colors (Turmeric and Red Beet).

Directions: For oral consumption only.  Allow to dissolve in mouth. Do not chew.

Manufactured in a facility that processes peanuts.

How Smoke Free Naturals help break your smoking habits.

The Oral Habit:

Smoke Free Naturals, can help curb the oral fixation associated with smoking. Just pop one of our delicious lollipops into your mouth and see how this healthy replacement will quickly help you forget about lighting up.

The Nicotine Habit:

Unlike most other smoking cessation products, Smoke Free Naturals do NOT contain nicotine. This is a good thing because while you are trying to quit, the last thing you need is even more of this very addictive, and very dangerous, chemical added to your body.

The stimulation/relaxation habit

In addition to L-tryptophan, we at Smoke Free Naturals know that in order to quit smoking successfully, you will need to stay calm.

But, did you know that cigarettes contain sugar and that these sugars have a way of calming your body? This may sound like a good thing but, while the sugars in cigarettes are not harmful like the tars and nicotine contained in tobacco smoke, these sugars are a major cause for further cigarette addiction.

That’s why we purposely decided to include sugars in our Smoke Free Naturals lollipops and drops… but with a very healthy difference. Our sugars are all natural so they can help you stay calm naturally while you strive to keep the harsh chemicals contained in cigarette smoke from entering your body.