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Preggie Pops
& Drops

Drug-free, effective morning
sickness remedy.

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Queasy Pops
& Drops

Safe & natural for motion
sickness / upset stomach. Safe for kids!

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Stork Pops

Delivering Delicious,
Natural Birth Announcements daily!

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Queasy Drops Now at Dollar General

Happy Customers

“I just wanted to let you know that your amazing lollies arrived and I am so grateful to you for you sending them. Thank you. They are marvelous. You are marvelous. I had chemo on Friday, and two of these amazing balls of soothing fire helped me over the nasty nausea spike I get the day after. I am spreading the word about your products and am championing your company to everyone I know who's looking to buy tasty sweets for belly ailments. All my gratitude and best wishes to you!” - L.K., May 2018

“I get vertigo/motion sickness easily. I can't even ride a Ferris wheel or merry go round without getting sick, or roads that wind a lot. Your product allows me to do the things I enjoy. But I hate that I only get a few candies in a flavor I actually like. Please make more single flavors available!” - NP, Oct 2019

“I am not exaggerating when I say the Three Lollies products have completely changed my life. For years I've had constant nausea because of IBS and tried numerous products, even anti-nausea drugs given to chemo patients, but nothing worked. Once I found the Three Lollies products I couldn’t believe that something that is natural would work so well. It completely relieves my nausea. I would tell anyone with IBS or any other issues to try it. I only wish I knew about it when I was pregnant. Thank you for such amazing products and great customer service!” - SM, Oct 19

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