Pregnancy - Three Lollies


How to Mentally Prepare for Labor

Baby Delivery

Be Prepared for Your Delivery Once you start approaching your labor day, you do not only need to prepare your body, but your mind as well. Bringing a baby into the world is a huge thing, so preparing for labor and delivery is vital. If the thought sounds scary, you will be glad to know […]

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Three things I wish I knew before having a newborn.

New Baby Advice

Having a Newborn is a Whole New Experience This article from Jillian Thistel was reposted with permission from My Sweet Sleeper. The newborn phase is a special time–it’s a time for you to learn about your new baby, connect together, and watch them grow and change every day! But, it’s also an adjustment period for […]

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Packing a Child Birth Bag

Packing For Hospital

Be Ready To Go Before The Big Day Arrives Going into the hospital can be a stressful adventure for you and your partner. Being prepared is the best way to ease stress and be sure that you are ready for your new baby. Everyone’s labor journey is different, so it is important to be prepared […]

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Common Cold While Pregnant

Common Cold While Pregnant

Are You Ready for Cold and Flu Season? Pregnancy is already enough to deal with. Contracting the common cold while pregnant adds to the stress your body is under. Now that you are caring for yourself and your baby, you must make sure you are healthily caring for yourself. Here is how to handle a […]

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Nutrition for Pregnant Mothers

Eating While Pregnant

Your Baby Will Thank You For Eating Right Finding the right balance of nutrition can be difficult for a newly pregnant mother. Now that you are carrying your child, you must eat a balanced diet that will serve both you and your growing baby. Your diet will need plenty of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats that […]

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