Nipple Care for Breastfeeding Mothers

The first few months of being a new mother can be incredibly stressful on the body. After carrying your baby for what feels like forever, giving birth, and healing from that process, a new mother still must deal with the physical stress that comes with parenthood. For new mothers, one of the most uncomfortable and […]

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Baby Boom Boxes

We’re a Part of Baby Boom Boxes! This summer, Three Lollies was a part of the latest Baby Boom Box distribution to 250 lucky winners on social media. You can search Baby Boom on Instagram to find these awesome boxes and reviews from the people who received them. The boxes included over $250 worth of products […]

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Identifying Antenatal Anxiety

Antenatal Anxiety

If you find yourself in a constant state of worry, stress, or you’re on edge most of the time, you may have Antenatal Anxiety. Antenatal Anxiety is more than being anxious about a particular situation. You will know the difference when you cannot control feelings of stress as quickly as you would like, or those […]

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4 Products to Help Ease Pregnancy Pains

Product to Ease Pregnancy Pain

No one said pregnancy was going to be easy. After all, you’re growing an entirely new human on your own, and so pregnancy takes an incredible toll on your body. In fact, pregnancy pain is normal for all expectant mothers. But your pregnancy doesn’t need to feel like nine months of dread. That’s why we’ve compiled this […]

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Preventing Nausea Before it Starts – Good Habits to Prevent That Icky Feeling.

How to Prevent Nausea

No one likes the feeling of an upset stomach. That uncomfortable feeling can keep you out of life’s most enjoyable activities. If you have chronic nausea or morning sickness, planning around your upset stomach can be difficult and limit your ability to live your life to the fullest. When nausea strikes, the go-to cures of […]

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