What Should you Eat after a Chemo Treatment?

Whole Grains

Certain Foods Can Help Restore Energy Chemotherapy treatment can leave you feeling drained of your energy. You may feel extremely fatigued and nauseous. Eating the right things after your chemotherapy has you feeling better and more energized, so you can get through the side effects. It is suggested that you do not eat large meals […]

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3 Myths About Nausea

Nausea Myths

Nausea is Annoying, but You Can Handle It An upset stomach is natural and something that everyone deals with now and again. When it comes to ailments that are commonly experienced, there is often a lot of misinformation or outdated ideas surrounding them. Nausea is no different. With hundreds of homemade remedies out there, it […]

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Activities to Help Ease Nausea

Stomach Nausea

Nausea is Not Fun, but These Tips Will Help When you are feeling nauseous the only thought that may come across your mind is to lay down and wait for the pain and discomfort to go away. However, sometimes our nausea is caused just as much by what we do as it is by what […]

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5 Antioxidant Filled Foods to Help Aid Cancer Recovery


These Antioxidants Help With Recovery Antioxidants are things found in foods that naturally help your organs from oxidizing. Oxidizing has been found to speed up cancer growth and increase your chances of getting cancer in the first place. Eating and drinking foods that are high in antioxidants can help prevent cancer growth and even improve […]

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3 Myths About Heartburn


Heartburn Myths Debunked Heartburn is a common occurrence that many people experience regularly. When an ailment happens as regularly as heartburn, it is normal for a wide variety of myths and old wife’s tales to form around causes and cures. Understanding heartburn and knowing the right way to treat it is your best option to […]

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