Preggie Pops and Drops

Preggie Pops and Drops

Drug-free solution for morning
sickness symptoms.

Queasy Pops & Drops

Queasy Pops & Drops

Safe & natural for motion
sickness and nausea relief. Safe for kids!

About ThreeLollies

About ThreeLollies

Learn about ThreeLollies and our Preggie Pop and Queasy Pop lines.

What Is Three Lollies?


Three Lollies is the brand behind the Preggie line of products, offering natural pregnancy nausea lollipops and lozenges designed to safely ease morning sickness symptoms for moms-to-be. Preggie Pops and Preggie Drops, are specially formulated with essential oils and vitamins and come in a variety of delicious and soothing flavors to safely alleviate nausea. Look nowhere else for your pregnancy drops for nausea than Three Lollies Preggie Pops and Drops.

In addition to the Preggie morning sickness products, the Three Lollies team has also developed Queasy Pops and Queasy Drops, an additional line of natural products created to ease nausea symptoms related to upset stomachs, travel and chemotherapy treatments. All of Three Lollies’ products were developed by healthcare professionals as home remedy anti nausea lolly drops that are safe, effective, natural, and delicious.

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Queasy Drops Ginger

Queasy Drops Ginger are the natural way to ease nausea symptoms and upset stomach.

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Preggie Pop Drops Plus

Preggie Pop Drops Plus help alleviate morning sickness symptoms. Our drops are rich in vitamin C. Sour Raspberry and Sour Lemon flavors.

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Sour Raspberry – Sour Lemon – Green Apple – Sour Tangerine

Extra Vitamin B6 for more nausea easing power!

Sour Raspberry – Green Tea with Lemon – Ginger – Banana – Natural Cola

Queasy Drops Pink help fight Breast Cancer!