10 Morning Sickness Remedies Every Pregnant Mama Needs

morning sickness remedies

Morning sickness remedies––you need them, and you need them fast! Well, mama, I’m glad you’re here. Because like you, I am all too familiar with the way the first trimester can leave you feeling absolutely joyful and completely horrible at the exact same time. It’s like the ultimate irony actually, the way pregnancy can make […]

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9 Things to Do After You Get a Positive Pregnancy Test – By Liesel Teen

Whether your pregnancy has been long-awaited, planned, or is a total surprise, there are few important and fun things to do once you see two lines on that stick! Because now that you’re pregnant, it’s not just about you anymore. As a labor and delivery nurse, and the face behind Mommy Labor Nurse, I’ve talked […]

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Three Lollies partnership with LA Regional Food Bank

Three Lollies is partnering with the LA Regional Food Bank to provide meals to those in need. For the next month, 20% of all purchases made on our online store will be donated to the LA Regional Food Bank. We know that times are hard for many, and we want to help our hometown area […]

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What Healthy Foods You Should Eat During Pregnancy

Research tells us that a baby’s first 1,000 days ranging from conception up to two years of age are vital for averting adulthood medical conditions. A healthy diet during pregnancy gives the baby all the nutrients it needs to grow properly without leaching them from the mother’s body. How A Healthy Diet Benefits Baby Your […]

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Diet and Pregnancy

While pregnant, our body chemistry changes enough that we should consider some dietary changes. Of course, most of us need to improve our diet anyway, so use this time, when your little one is developing, and start working on that diet. We have talked about how to eat healthy during pregnancy before, but we wanted […]

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