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5 Diet Tips for Eating During Chemotherapy

Chemo Diet Tips

How Can You Maximize Health While On Chemo As you can imagine, chemo can be rather challenging, especially when it comes to eating. It is also clear how important it is to have a proper cancer diet during this period. For this purpose, we have prepared 5 tips on how to eat during chemotherapy. This […]

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Is There A Tax Break For Cancer Patients?

Cancer Tax Implications

What Tax Relief Does My Condition Allow Cancer affects many people, with thousands of new cases per day. In addition to being a scary diagnosis, its treatment is difficult and time-consuming and can take quite a toll on the patient’s physical and mental health. Cancer treatment costs are another story, rounding up to mind-spinning sums. […]

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Can Colon Cancer Cause Nausea?

Colon Cancer and Nausea

Managing Nausea with Colon Cancer Colon cancer is a formidable foe that shows in the large intestine. As research increases on this topic, the question of ‘Does colon cancer cause nausea?’ is more common than ever. So, allow us to provide some clarity! Let’s explore colon cancer nausea and all the ways you can treat […]

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Do You Know What to Decide About Cancer Treatment

Cancer Decisions

Making informed decisions about your cancer treatment The moment you find out you’re diagnosed with cancer or that the cancer has returned, it’s normal to feel disappointed and overwhelmed. You will need to make important decisions, which can add to the anxiety you’re already feeling. Knowing that cancer is something many people face can be […]

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Supporting Loved Ones with Nausea During Chemotherapy

Supporting Chemotherapy Patients

What Helps the Most in Chemotherapy Support The biggest enemy of cancer treatments is nausea. The symptoms of chemotherapy-induced nausea affect 2 out of 3 patients, caused mainly by the treatment and the type of cancer. If a close friend or someone in your family has been diagnosed with cancer, you’re probably wondering how you […]

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