Motion Sickness 2 - Three Lollies


Overcoming Motion Sickness

Motion Sickness Boat

What will you do if you go on a long road trip or travel by plane to another place and suddenly feel sick? You feel like the food you ate moves up and down, you may even experience this bowling movement on an empty stomach, and as a result, you become dizzy. Feelings of nausea, […]

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What Causes Nausea – More Than A Stomach Bug

Orange Stomach

People sometimes confuse nausea and vomiting. Vomiting is the expelling of the stomach’s content via the mouth; this reflex is uncontrollable. Nausea is the feeling of  wanting to vomit. Most of us have a misconception that nausea or vomiting is a medical condition caused by a stomach infection. While this is true for some, more […]

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