Pregnancy 2 - Three Lollies


Increasing Breast Milk to Counter Formula Shortage

Breast Feeding Mother

How to Increase Milk Supply Amidst the National Formula Shortage Finding formulas at the store is becoming more and more difficult. Many are being forced to turn to alternative methods of feeding their children. For those who are able, maintaining and even increasing milk production can be a valuable way to keep your children safely […]

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Your Second Child


What to Expect When you Bring Your Second Child Home Having a second child is the best of both worlds. You get to experience all of those great ‘firsts’ with your new baby, but you now have the experience to make the difficult moments of life with a newborn easier. As your family grows, it […]

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Pregnancy and the Road

Driving While Pregnant

Staying Safe on the Road While Pregnant is Critical It can be really hard to stay off the roads. When you are pregnant, the need to drive becomes even more pressing as preparations for your upcoming bundle of joy take center stage. There are doctor appointments, shopping, moving and coordinating that must all be done […]

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Can Acupressure Cure Morning Sickness?

Stomach Nausea

Do This Bands Work? During your first few months of pregnancy, you may start to experience morning sickness. Although there is no direct cure for morning sickness, there are a variety of solutions that can ease feelings of nausea that accompany your morning sickness. Can acupressure minimize the symptoms of morning sickness? What is Morning […]

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Guidelines to a Healthy Pregnancy

Preggie Pops

Follow these tips for a healthy pregnancy Pregnancy is truly a marvel of nature. This period gives us the gift of life. It’s an incredible, life-turning event for any woman and her family. But, pregnancy is a complex time for any woman. Nurturing and carrying another human being inside your body is no small feat. […]

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