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4 Tips to Help You Stay Hydrated During Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Staying Hydrated

Hydration as Preventative Care

During our whole lives, we hear how important it is to stay hydrated for the sake of our health. And this is especially important during the course of carrying a baby, as it’s not only about you but the health of your child, as well. So, avoiding dehydration at all costs should be your main goal, as this is the main factor impacting your well-being!

Nonetheless, maintaining sufficient water levels in the body is not easy for new moms or moms-to-be. Therefore, introducing some new healthy habits is of essential importance. Below, we have included some tips that should help you keep optimal levels of hydration.

Add a new habit to your daily routine

If you’ve tended to forget to drink water before, now is the time to change that! Keeping yourself healthy and hydrated is what your baby depends on. Therefore, consider making a habit of regular water intake. For instance, start your day with a glass of water right after you get out of bed. According to research, hydrating yourself first thing in the morning is the best thing you can do, especially while pregnant.

Make sure that you repeat this several times a day. It is good to create a schedule, as this will help you form a new habit that will become part of your routine.

Set hydration goals

To obtain successful results in your attempt to stay hydrated during pregnancy or while breastfeeding your baby, it’s helpful to set some goals. That is, research how much water should a pregnant woman drink and be guided by it while tracking your progress. For instance, you can add markings to your water bottle, so you will know how much you have drunk in a day. This will help you achieve your daily goal and motivate you to continue to do so in the future.

Try using an app

Plenty of apps can help you track and monitor your progress. They even come with alerts and notifications reminding you that you need to drink your glass of water. Since we take our phones everywhere, this might be a really convenient way to maintain sufficient water levels in your body.

Installing an app is a good way to give yourself a head start toward building a habit of drinking fluids regularly.

Drink water in small amounts

Breastfeeding can make you feel thirsty, so you might find yourself drinking a gallon of water at once. But before you intake such a lot of fluids, remember that you need to go slow. So, instead of drinking it all at once, try keeping a water bottle next to you and taking a sip or two frequently. This way, you will stay hydrated throughout the day and easily achieve your daily goal.

A majority of moms experience dehydration while they’re pregnant or lactate. Ensuring that you drink a sufficient amount of fluids is crucial to stay hydrated and healthy. We hope that our tips will help you take care of yourself properly!

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