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5 Foods to Help with Heartburn

Heart Burn

Helping Heartburn With Your Diet

Heartburn or acid reflux can be one of the most uncomfortable sensations you can experience. It can keep you from falling asleep and it can wake you up in the middle of the night. Heartburn can range anywhere from slightly irritating to unbearable. Although there are many over-the-counter and prescription drugs made to help reduce your heartburn, treating your body naturally will reduce the risk of side effects as well as fueling your body to work how it should. Here are five foods to help reduce your heartburn.


When heartburn strikes, it’s important to reach for the thing that is going to attack it on multiple levels. Not only can ginger be soothing to your fiery gut, but it contains a natural anti-inflammatory, they were relaxed the walls of your stomach and the muscles surrounding it. A ginger lozenge or a glass of ginger tea will begin to calm your stomach so that your stomach acid will stay where it’s supposed to be. Ginger is also a great way to prevent heartburn from ever happening in the first place.

Healthy Grains

Healthy grains in the form of bread, rice, or oatmeal are a great way to combat general heartburn. Healthy grains into your stomach and act like a sponge, soaking up all your excess stomach acid. As all the extra acid gets under control, you will start to feel immediate relief. Healthy grains are also high in fiber, so they will clear out your stomach, so you can start fresh with no heartburn.


Yogurt is always great for your gut health. Yogurt is filled with probiotics that help regulate your stomach with healthy bacteria. In addition to all those great probiotics, yogurt is also mostly fat. Dairy and fats can help counteract the acidity that you feel during heartburn. A few spoonfuls of yogurt will have your stomach feeling great in no time and prevent future occurrences of uncomfortable heartburn.

High-Fiber Fruits and Veggies

Much like healthy grains, high fiber fruits and veggies will push all that heartburn causing stuff out of your stomach. The high-fiber fruits and veggies also act as the sponge to soak up excess acid. Fruits and veggies also fuel your stomach so that you can get things under control. It is important to avoid fruits and veggies that are high in citrus, as the added acidity will only make things worse. Stick to leafy greens, apples, and other fruits and veggies that are lower in the acidity department.


Much like yogurt, milk is filled with healthy fats that help counteract the acidity of your heartburn. A small glass of milk can be very soothing when your heartburn is acting up. The fats and your glass can help coat your esophagus and stomach in a layer of healthy antacid. A cold glass of milk can also help by cooling down your esophagus and stomach lining. This will bring you instant relief while still combatting the cause of your discomfort. Too much milk can fill your stomach and push that stomach acid higher into your esophagus, causing you more pain.