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5 Tips For Dealing with Pregnancy Heartburn


Dealing with Heartburn

Pregnancy is indescribably beautiful, but it also comes with some unpleasant occurrences you may find difficult to manage. One such thing a great number of moms-to-be experience is heartburn, also known as indigestion. It is painful and quite uncomfortable, so many women are trying to find a solid solution for pregnancy heartburn relief.

Luckily, there are ways that can help ease pregnancy heartburn and the uncomfortable sensations it causes. And the best way to manage indigestion is to incorporate certain changes in your lifestyle. Including healthy habits in your daily routine can make a big difference, and it doesn’t take a lot to do so. Here’s what you can do:

Healthy diet and eating habits

The list of foods that are likely to cause indigestion is long, which makes it important that you make healthy choices. Ensure that you include green vegetables in your diet and avoid spicy meals. And while it’s recommended that you consume fruit, try to stay away from citrus ones.

Another good tip you should implement is to start eating your meals slowly and try not to overeat. Heartburn often occurs when you are full, so this might really make you uncomfortable. Therefore, try eating smaller meals several times a day, instead of a couple of large ones. Also, remember to drink a lot of water, but not while you eat.

Avoid alcohol

Drinking alcohol while pregnant is one of the major causes of pregnancy heartburn. Not only does alcohol lead to indigestion, but it can also affect your baby’s health. So, to be safe, try to avoid alcohol at all causes.

Stop smoking

Smoking during pregnancy is just a big “no”! Smoking can surely cause you heartburn and leave you with discomfort and pain. It can also impact your and your baby’s health. Smoking while carrying a baby may also contribute to premature labor or the low birth weight of your child. This is the best time to break this bad habit and start living a healthier life overall.

Sit up straight

Another factor that plays a huge role in causing pregnancy heartburn is how you sit while eating. To avoid indigestion, ensure that you always sit up straight. This will help the food go through the system without any obstacles. Although eating on the sofa might be cozy, it’s better to skip it if you want to avoid heartburn symptoms.

Moreover, avoid lying down right after eating, as this can prevent food from processing and leave you with unbearable discomfort.

Take some medicines

If nothing works, and you are still experiencing heartburn during pregnancy, it might be wise to consult with your doctor. They will be able to give you a prescription to help you resolve this matter. Avoid getting the medicine on your own because heartburn can be a difficult thing to manage. You don’t want to cause more serious conditions, which is why you must always discuss pregnancy heartburn remedies with an expert.

Pregnancy heartburn is common, especially in the last trimester. Therefore, try to follow these tips and ensure that you’re feeling comfortable while carrying your baby.

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