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A First-aid Kit for Your Children

Summer Cuts

Fixing Your Children’s Summer Cuts and Scrapes

Having a first-aid kit handy is a wonderful thing, especially if you have little ones! Whether on the go or at home, it is a lifesaver for smaller injuries. Ultimately, a medical kit will give you the peace of mind you deserve for a carefree summer.

As soon as your toddlers start moving around, they can injure themselves. It can be anything from a bruised knee to a bump on the head. If you are lucky, a gentle kiss on the boo-boo and a band-aid will do the trick! However, other times, you need more than that to resolve the situation – an emergency first-aid kit!

Some common injuries

There are a few common child injuries that may happen to your child. Here are some of them:

· Cuts – even as an adult, it is easy to cut yourself. When that happens to your child, all you need to do is hold a clean piece of gauze on top of it for about 15 minutes to stop the bleeding. Clean the area with a little bit of water and remove the debris (if there is any). Cover the wound with a small/large band-aid.

· Burns – whenever this happens, hold the area under cold running water. If there is a blister, cover it with a band-aid. Avoid popping the blister. After an hour or so, you can remove the band-aid to apply an antibiotic cream.

· Nosebleeds – running around all the time is bound to end in a fall and a nosebleed. Once this happens, have your child sit up straight and lean forward. Gently have them blow their nose to remove any loose blood. Use the thumb and index finger to squeeze both nostrils, even if only one side is bleeding. Keep them pinched for 5 – 10 minutes without looking! If bleeding continues, seek medical attention.

· Bites or stings – Summer is a time when everything comes alive, including all flora and fauna. When your child gets a bee sting, you need to know how to remove the stinger. Keep tweezers in your first-aid kit, an ice pack, and a topical cream that will reduce the swelling.

First-aid kit essentials

As we listed the reasons why you need first-aid kit supplies for your child, let’s see what you need to include in it! Out of all the things that come to mind, you need to narrow down the list to the essentials only. After all, it should be a small kit containing a little bit of everything. We have compiled a first-aid kit supplies list for you; take a look at it below:

  • Child thermometer
  • Antiseptic wipes
  • A few clean gauze cloths
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Tweezers
  • Sunscreen
  • A variety of band-aids
  • Antibiotic cream
  • Sterile gloves
  • First aid instructions
  • A list of emergency contacts
  • Nausea drops

We are glad to help you with the nausea drops – by presenting our Queasy products! They are an excellent addition to your first-aid kit. Each time your child feels a little down and nauseous, give them a Queasy Pop or Drop, and they will immediately feel better. With our products, you will complete your medical kit and have a safe and calm summer!

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