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Cord Blood – How Can You Use It?

Cord Cells

July is Cord Blood Month

We love to join in on the fun! Giving expectant parents worldwide a chance to educate themselves on the subject with plenty of tips and facts. So, stem cells – what are they, and how can you utilize them?

If you have considered saving your newborn’s cord blood, you are on to something. Health care providers have found new approaches toward treating – and even curing – some serious diseases through the process of using stem cells. Keep on reading to find out how you can utilize cord blood!

What is cord blood, and how to use it?

Over the last few decades, medicine has advanced to the point where cord blood stem cells have become a pillar of health. These are found in the blood of the umbilical cord. During transplants, the cord blood stem cells can assist in recreating a healthy immune system. So, if the body has been dealing with a particular disease, this may be the best approach to heal it.

The cord blood stimulates the ability of the body to heal itself. Precisely that is why it started becoming an increasingly popular approach to medicine as we know it today. It opened up the doors for some exciting times! So, moms-to-be, sit down with your partner and discuss this option!

Regenerative medicine

Couples thinking about doing this often have one question: if we decide to preserve cord blood, who can use it? The answer is simple – the newborn can use this, along with a sibling. However, it all depends on the condition that would be treated. At the end of the day, a medical professional can give you the best answer for cord blood banking.

Certain cancers and non-genetic diseases are the focus of this cord blood treatment, which is the perfect utilization for it. Depending on the disease, a family member can use it too. It can particularly come in handy for specific blood disorders and cancers.

Regenerative medicine is the key. The stem cells are powerful enough to rebuild healthy new blood and repair any issue done to the immune system. The stimulation is on another level!

New mommies

Think about this option – many benefits come from it, and it is a safety net. Pregnancy is the right time to start looking into the options for cord blood. Still on the fence? A gentle reminder – it may be helpful to any immediate family member.

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