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Facing cancer

Facing Cancer

How to Draw Your Battle Lines with Cancer

Regardless of age, any person can face a disease that is very difficult to accept. Unfortunately, from year to year, the number of people suffering from cancer is increasing drastically. Why is that? There are many reasons for this, which scientists still can’t clearly define. Therefore, dealing with cancer is something you need to learn how to do properly to ensure better mental and physical well-being.

In this blog, we’ll uncover all you need to know about facing cancer.

What is cancer and how does it start?

There are many types of cancer, but their common characteristic is that they cause uncontrolled cell growth. Hence, the life cycle of a cell becomes altered and begins to divide continuously and then forms the so-called “tumors”. There are two main types of tumors:

  • Benign tumor – not cancerous
  • Malignant tumor – cancerous

When the cellular DNA is disrupted, the cell becomes cancerous and thus confirms the onset of cancer. Dealing with cancer means that you first discover the exact diagnosis before you move forward with treatment.

How long can you have cancer without knowing?

Some types of cancer can be detected very soon, and for some, it can take months or years before it is detected. This doesn’t mean that your outcome will be bad, but on the contrary, your doctor will get a chance for successful treatment in fighting cancer due to its slow growth.

After a cancer diagnosis

Despite its increasing prevalence, cancer still has an incredibly dreadful impact on patients’ psychological condition. In general, people are going through a crisis period followed by too many questions and changes. The psychological crisis that you are experiencing consists of 4 stages:

  • Shock
  • Reaction
  • Disclaimer
  • Adaptation

Accepting the changes

No matter how strong you are, the moment you receive a cancer diagnosis, your blood simply freezes. You immediately start asking yourself questions. Why me? What’s next? How will my life turn out?

You will need to undergo many changes, such as loss and scars from chemotherapy, energy loss, psychological problems, decreased sexuality, loneliness, etc. But you must gather courage so that these changes from dealing with cancer don’t overwhelm you. You will achieve that by taking long walks or hikes, meditating, and doing yoga. You can also think about a new hobby and activity that will help you bring positive energy into this period of hardship.

Emotional Control

No matter how hopeless your condition seems, you must take control of the disease. An open conversation with your family can give you the strength to fight. Suppose you don’t feel comfortable talking openly about your feelings. In that case, you need to talk with a medical professional who will provide you with the psychological support you need.

Adjusting to life after diagnosis

The sooner you accept this condition and discover what dealing with cancer means, the sooner you can deal with it. What does this mean? Apart from practicing activities, diet is also very important. Start eating foods with extra protein and more calories to keep your strength. For daily support, we suggest trying queasy products because they relieve nausea caused by chemotherapy. And if you’re interested in discovering more informational content, don’t forget to read the rest of our blogs.