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How Long Does Travel Sickness Last

How Long Does Travel Sickness Last

Travel sickness can be a real downer

When you’re eager to go on an adventure. It can cause uneasy feelings, which may not let you experience your life fully. An upset stomach is usually associated with nausea and dizziness, and those can be such dealbreakers, especially since some of them can last for a few days after you finish your trip. This poses the question – how long does travel sickness last?

Let’s talk more about travel sickness duration and introduce natural travel sickness remedies that are proven to relieve various types of discomfort.


The duration of travel sickness depends on the individual. However, some common factors, such as the way of transportation or specific food, can cause an upset stomach. Motion sickness, for example, usually lasts for the duration of motion. Once it stops, the condition also stops.

On the other hand, some people can experience travel sickness symptoms even after the motion stops. But why is it so? This can happen due to improper hydration, complex medications, or eating poorly. Other influencers are stress, anxiety, and duration of the journey. In such a situation, aim to slowly restore a harmonious balance of fluids in your body, eat crackers so that your stomach is not empty, try to relax, and take the time to rest.

Pregnant women also experience a version of travel sickness, or what most like to call morning sickness, that happens because of hormone changes. Suppose you are not very fond of complex medications. In that case, you should try our Preggie Products, which offer natural, drug-free, and doctor-developed solutions that help relieve nausea, morning sickness, and upset stomachs. Also, in addition to natural remedies for travel sickness, it’s a good idea to try wearable bracelets that are safe for adults, kids, and pregnant moms who use acupressure to reduce nausea.

Preventive measures

Here are some ideas to avoid travel sickness:

  • Pick where you will sit. For example, sitting in the front seat usually helps with nausea when traveling by car. Choosing the seats in the middle can also help if you’re traveling by ship, and if you’re on a plane, sitting near the wings might benefit your stomach.
  • Ginger products are very famous for aiding and helping with motion sickness. Stock up on our natural ginger drops, which have proven effective in the nausea relief field and in regulating the fluids in the body.
  • Try going on short trips to increase movement exposure so that your body can build tolerance or reduce the feeling of nausea.

It’s good to try all options in the battle against travel sickness. You can only know what works for you once you experiment and try new things. After a while, you will know what is effective.

That being said, our queasy products are natural, drug-free, and available for every age group! Consider getting some and putting them near you for your next adventure with a nausea-free experience! We wish you safe and pleasant travels.