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How to Prevent Motion Sickness on your First Post-Pandemic Trip

Travel Without Motion Sickness

Avoid Motion Sickness Everywhere

Now that the pandemic has become manageable in most places, you might be considering taking a trip. Whether you travel by car, bus, train, or plane, motion sickness may be a considerable problem. If you have not traveled long distances recently, it is a good idea to prepare for possible motion sickness with these helpful ways to prevent it.

What is motion sickness?

Much like the name suggests, motion sickness is an ailment that many experience as a side effect of being in motion. Motion sickness happens when all the natural motion sensors in your body start sending information to your brain. If your brain becomes overwhelmed or receives conflicting information, you can start to feel dizzy and nauseous. Most motion sickness is preventable and will stop when the movement stops.

Queasy Band

The Queasy Band is a great way to prevent motion sickness if you are traveling long distances. The queasy band is a drug-free and all-natural way to prevent nausea that accompanies motion sickness. The queasy band uses acupressure to prevent an upset stomach. Acupressure is a proven method for using specific pressure points in the body to relieve pain or discomfort in your organs. The queasy band sits comfortably on the wrist and applies the pressure required to diminish feelings of nausea when you are in motion. When the trip is over, simply take the band off and go about your day.


Ginger contains a naturally occurring anti-inflammatory that can naturally quell a queasy stomach. Using ginger lozenges on your trip can help you overcome feelings of nausea caused by motion. Ginger tea is also a useful beverage to consume while traveling as it can help reduce the discomfort from motion sickness as well as help you overcome the exhaustion of travel. If you want to take a different approach, ginger essential oils can also help calm the stomach and reduce feelings of nausea.


Much like ginger, peppermint has a natural anti-inflammatory that can fight against the side effects of motion sickness. Using peppermint candies or breath mints while traveling can keep nausea at bay. Peppermint tea is also an option if it fits within your travel plans.

A Light Snack

Eating a small snack can help release active enzymes in your stomach and throat that can reduce the likelihood of nausea and vomiting. The chewing motion has also been proven to help motion sickness by affecting the motion sensor located in your inner ear. Avoid overly greasy foods that could add to your upset stomach. Some crackers are a great option.

Fresh Air and Focus

Sometimes the best option for your motion sickness is to put everything down and just breathe and focus on the horizon. It has been found that focusing on the horizon or the road ahead can help reset the motion sensors that are throwing your body into nausea in the first place. Deep breaths of fresh air can help reduce discomfort from nausea by expanding and relaxing the stomach muscles.