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How to support a partner with morning sickness

Caring for Morning Sickness

First Pregnancy, Now Morning Sickness

You have recently found out that your partner is pregnant. Congratulations! This can be an exciting and nerve-racking time in both of your lives. Unfortunately, just as soon as the excitement starts, and you start planning for your baby, morning sickness can rear its head. Here are some ways that you can support your partner as they deal with the typical morning sickness that comes with having a baby.

What is morning sickness?

Morning sickness is the term used to describe the nausea and vomiting that a woman’s body experiences in the first trimester of their pregnancy. Every woman experiences morning sickness a little differently, but it often includes general nausea and possible vomiting. It does not only occur in the morning and can last anywhere from a few weeks to the entire trimester.

Nausea Aids

One of the most common symptoms of morning sickness is nausea. As a supportive partner, it is important that you gather natural remedies that can help your partner’s symptoms without putting her or the baby at risk. Having these available will help ease the discomfort of your partner and strengthen your relationship as you begin the journey to parenthood.


Ginger contains gingerol which is a natural anti-inflammatory that can help ease the pains of nausea. Ginger lozenges, ginger tea, and ginger ale are great natural remedies for nausea. Make sure to have all of these on hand to help your partner when nausea strikes.


When it comes to dealing with nausea, peppermint works much like ginger. Having peppermint tea at the ready can help your partner deal with an upset stomach.


Staying hydrated is a great way to minimize the discomfort that comes with morning sickness. A well-hydrated stomach is less likely to cramp and cause nausea. Encourage your partner to drink water when she is thirsty. Water is also important because vomiting can cause your partner to become dehydrated.

Nausea Bands

Anti-nausea bands are all the rage – because they work! Check out our new line of Preggie Bands and order a pack before morning sickness sets in.

Prepare for Vomiting

As gross as it may sound, morning sickness is notorious for causing vomiting. You can support your partner by keeping things in your home that will make clean up and care easier. Be sure to keep your toilets clean. Have disposable bags in small waste baskets at the ready. If you are out and about, consider packing a bag designed for vomit disposal. You may also want to carry baby wipes for easy clean up. Breath mints and mouthwash are also a great thing to carry, so your partner can keep fresh breath.


The best thing you can do for your partner during a difficult time is listen. Your partner’s body is going through changes as it prepares to carry a baby. Listen to how she feels and what she needs to feel better. Listening to her needs and her experiences will help you provide the best support you can. Not only will it help you provide support, it will made her feel cared for when she needs it most.