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Increasing Breast Milk to Counter Formula Shortage

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How to Increase Milk Supply Amidst the National Formula Shortage

Finding formulas at the store is becoming more and more difficult. Many are being forced to turn to alternative methods of feeding their children. For those who are able, maintaining and even increasing milk production can be a valuable way to keep your children safely fed amidst the national formula shortage. Here are some ways that you can naturally increase your milk supply during lactation.

A Consistent Schedule

The best way to increase your milk production is to stay consistent with a strict feeding and pumping schedule. You will want to pump or feed often to tell your body that there is a need for more milk. After you start to feed or pump every few hours, your body will most likely begin to produce more milk to fulfill your need.

The other important factor that will increase milk production is to drain each breast completely each time you feed or pump. You should spend a minimum of around 15 minutes pumping each breast to ensure that you completely drain. As your body senses you drain each breast every time, it will start producing more milk to feed your baby. Although this is what is most likely to happen, this is not a guarantee as everyone’s body is different.

A Well-Rounded Diet and Hydration

Breast milk is made from the water and nutrients that mothers put into their bodies. To make more breast milk, you will need to feed your body what it needs to produce. Protein and nutrient-packed foods will help your body create more nutrient-rich milk.

Staying hydrated is valuable when you are looking to produce more breast milk. Not only will great hydration make your body produce milk more efficiently, but the more water you drink, the more fluid your body will have to convert to your breast milk.


Fenugreek is a natural herb that has been found to increase milk production when consumed. Fenugreek is a naturally occurring galactagogue, a substance that promotes the production of breast milk. You can brew fenugreek into teas or eat it raw to help your body produce more milk. You can buy raw fenugreek in bulk or find premade fenugreek teas aimed at promoting lactation. Fenugreek is completely natural and will not cause harm to you or your baby. Prolonged use of fenugreek will cause your breast milk, sweat, and urine to smell like maple syrup. This can also cause your baby’s bodily fluids to smell like maple syrup. Although interesting, it is not harmful in any way.


Much like fenugreek, ginger has been found to contain a naturally occurring galactagogue that promotes the production of breastmilk while also treating nausea and heartburn. Ginger can be consumed raw or added to a tea to see results. Ginger is a completely safe additive that won’t harm you or your baby. It tastes great and is a versatile ingredient, so you can be sure to consistently consume it.