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Infant Travel Tips For Summer

Infant Travel Tips

Can You Travel With Your Baby

Planning a summer vacation can be stressful for anyone, especially new parents. Before, all you had to do was pick a destination, book the appropriate flights and accommodation, and you’re good to go. Now, however, there are so many new things you need to worry about. Luckily, we’ve prepared a few infant travel tips that will surely come in handy wherever you’re going. With the proper planning plan, a summer vacation with your baby will be a breeze!

Don’t Set Any Expectations

Many new parents stress over traveling with a baby, simply because they don’t know how they will behave. Granted, it may be your first time going out of the country with your bundle of joy, and you’re super excited to show them all the cool places in the world. Yet, we all know how unpredictable babies are. In other words, they might be super cranky, or you won’t hear a peep out of them simply because they’re in awe of all the new things they’re seeing.

For that reason, as part of our infant travel tips, we advise you to set your expectations at a minimum. You never know what will happen during your vacation, so there’s no reason to pull your hair out before leaving. Simply put, just be prepared and go with the flow – you’ll figure out everything as your adventure progresses.

Pack Lightly

If it’s the first time you’re traveling with a baby, you may feel the need to pack everything. Let us save you the trouble – just don’t!

In almost all cases, first-time parents don’t even use half the things they bring on their travels. Ultimately, they’re left to carry heavy bags with nonessential items, making their trip anything but enjoyable. With that in mind, the most important aspect of our infant travel tips is to only bring the stuff you need.

For many parents, essentials can be defined differently, so let us narrow your list down. For starters, bring breathable and light clothes, a few of your baby’s favorite toys, a blanket you can easily carry around, some bottles, and a comfortable diaper bag. It’s also wise to always keep some swimsuits with you – water can be highly tempting to the little ones. And, of course, don’t even try to leave the house without our Queasy Pops, especially if you’re flying. They’re safe for children and will soothe an upset stomach in a matter of minutes!

Sun Protection & Hydration

It seems that every summer feels hotter than the one before, leaving us sweaty and dehydrated. Since babies are quite delicate, you’ll have to be careful not to expose them to the sun and heat too much.

When you’re spending your summer vacation with a baby, always have sun protection handy, and be sure to apply it generously and regularly. The same goes for water bottles – your diaper bag should have one for you and one for your kid. Finally, don’t stay out in the sun for long. Look for shady spots and keep exposure to a minimum.

We hope that you find our baby summer travel guide helpful. It may seem daunting at first, but once you begin your adventure, you’ll forget all about your troubles. Remember – as long as you follow our infant travel tips, you’ll be all set!

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