Pregnant Women Swear by PreggiePops

Pregnant Women Swear by PreggiePops

Organic Preggie Pop Drops

Refinery29 is a media company focusing on empowering young women.  They recently published an article about why pregnant women swear by PreggiePops.

Preggie Pops are a specific brand of hard candies, drops, and lollipops that are marketed as a drug-free remedy for morning sickness. The candies contain a proprietary blend of essential oils that are supposed to be beneficial for nausea, explains Julie Davine, vice president of Three Lollies, the company that manufactures Preggie Pops. “For instance, the essential oil of raspberry is used for the Sour Raspberry Queasy or Preggie Drop,” she says. The same is true for the ginger and lemon flavors, she adds. Some of the products, such as the Preggie Pop Drops Plus, also contain vitamin B6, which is often recommended for nausea and morning sickness.”

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