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The Best 5 Pregnancy Preparation Tips You Need To Know

Pregnancy Preparation Tips

Planning a Pregnancy is the Start of Preparation

When it comes to pregnancy preparation, you usually only think of the period after you become pregnant. However, you need to take proper care of yourself and learn how to prepare your body for pregnancy. Whether it is the first, second, or fifth bundle of joy, planning for it is a must.

In this article, you will find five pregnancy preparation tips that will help you prepare your body for conception and enable a healthy pregnancy that will result in the birth of a healthy child.

Get a medical check

The most essential thing to do before getting pregnant is to get a checkup with your OBGYN. They will examine and advise you on managing your conditions during pregnancy, along with reviewing your family history as well as a history of previous pregnancies – if any. You will also discuss vitamins and supplementation, as well as which medications to avoid. That way, your doctor will give you all the necessary information on how to prepare your body for pregnancy.

Take care of your body

Aside from physical pregnancy preparation, you need to be mentally ready for the experience. Every pregnancy is different, meaning you’re prone to certain symptoms, while you won’t feel others at all! Still, you need to keep in mind you’ll be carrying a baby inside you, which is not as easy as you may think.

For instance, pregnancy nausea is common in many women, but some natural remedies can help here. Aside from breathing techniques, meditation, and yoga, you can opt for our Preggie products, which will instantly soothe pregnancy nausea!

Stop smoking, alcohol, and drug use

The use of alcohol and drugs, as well as cigarette smoking, are already known causes of many pregnancy complications, from premature delivery to low birth weight, fetal malformations, and even stillbirth. For this purpose, it is of particular importance to stop these vices when planning for pregnancy.

Folic acid supplementation

As an essential dietary supplement needed for brain development, you must ensure that you are getting sufficient amounts of folic acid. Otherwise, you run the risk of your baby having anencephaly, which means a missing skull or parts of the brain. Or a condition where the neural tube is not completely closed, and nerve damage occurs.

However, prevention of these conditions is particularly easy. You only need to include rich amounts of folate in your pregnancy preparation diet. This means at least four hundred milligrams of folic acid daily combined with folate-rich foods.

Consider vaccination

During your check-up, talk to your doctor about possible vaccinations you might receive before becoming pregnant. This is especially important because diseases (such as rubella) can cause severe damage to the fetus, even stillbirth. Bearing such risks is completely unnecessary, primarily because you can protect yourself and the baby in a simple and completely safe way.

While these pregnancy preparations may scare you a bit at first, know that no process is as beautiful as this one. Nothing beats the feeling of bringing your bundle of joy to life, but to ensure the health of your little one, you need to take care of yourself first.

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