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The Best Easter Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Easter Announcement

How To Announce Your Pregnancy over Easter

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful things in life, so its announcement is a particularly important and special moment. With that said, many couples try to find cute but also really clever ways to announce to their loved ones that they will have a baby.

Of course, big holidays are a great opportunity to announce your pregnancy with a special theme. This is especially true for Easter, where there are countless ideas to inform about the new family addition, from wordplay with “egg” to using bunnies, chicks, and various props. For this purpose, we have created this article to show you the best ideas for an Easter pregnancy announcement!

Pregnancy belly art

If you are a fan of photography and art and want your Easter pregnancy announcement to be epic, belly art is a great choice. Luckily, there is a whole theme that you could use! This includes bunnies, Easter eggs, and a chick hatching from an egg. Of course, you need to find an artist who can paint the design on your belly. However, you can also paint it yourself if it is a simpler design.

Egg hunts

The egg hunt is a holiday classic, and it is also an excellent Easter pregnancy announcement idea! All you have to do is come up with multiple clues your family will look for around the house to reach the goal. Normally, the goal will be the announcement they are having a new addition to the family, where you can see the wonderful and honest reactions.

Countdown using egg hatches

One of the simplest but most interesting Easter-themed pregnancy announcements is countdowns using eggs. On the eggs, you will write the years you and your partner were born, as well as the ages of your children (if any). These eggshells represent the hatching of your family. Finally, leave a whole egg with the year you are due with the new baby. This way, you show the family’s growth in a fun way, keeping with the Easter theme.

Cracking an egg

Cracking eggs is already a well-known Easter tradition. For this purpose, if you want to have a creative Easter pregnancy announcement, this is a great opportunity! To begin with, you need to empty the egg, which is done by making small holes on both sides and blowing on one side. Then, put a note in the egg with a message saying you are expecting a baby. Finally, paint the egg with beautiful colors, and let your loved ones find out interestingly.

Egg baskets

Many people display their egg baskets to show off their creativity. This is a great opportunity for a pregnancy announcement on Easter. On the eggs, write the names of family members, and write on another egg that you have a baby on the way. That way, you will be able to surprise and delight your loved ones while keeping to the Easter spirit.

Who knew Easter pregnancy announcements could be so creative and exciting? Still, you need to prepare for this milestone properly, which is why you should check out our Preggie line, as well as our other blogs featuring countless tips.

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