Unusual Uses for Ginger

Unusual Uses for Ginger

Odd uses for Ginger

We all know that ginger is an incredibly valuable natural remedy for many ailments.

Ginger is a natural anti-inflammatory and can reduce overall swelling in the body. Ginger is also used to treat nausea and upset stomachs. Ginger can help with headaches and chronic pain. Whether you eat it, drink it, or rub it on your skin, ginger has endless benefits to your health. In addition to all the well-known benefits and uses of ginger, there are tons of other things that this root is good for. If you have extra ginger lying around your house, here are some unusual uses that you may have never heard of.

A Healthful Oil

Ginger is chocked full of beneficial elements for your body. Rubbing a piece of ginger on a sore ache or pain is a great way to reduce surface level swelling and discomfort. The gingerol found in ginger is a natural anti-inflammatory and can help with osteoarthritis, joint pain, and muscle aches. A ginger massage can greatly reduce discomfort and pain and have you feeling great in no time.

The oil from a piece of ginger root can also reduce swelling or puffiness in your skin. Rub a small piece on puffy areas to reduce surface swelling and have your face looking fresh. Ginger can also be applied to reduce the redness and discomfort of any blemishes or acne. Rubbing ginger on stubborn acne has been found to rid your face of those pesky pimples.

Promote a Healthy Mouth

Ginger is a great addition to your mouth care routine. Chewing on small pieces of ginger has been found to help clean your teeth and strengthen your gums. The gingerol helps reduce swelling in your mouth and gums, which can help prevent periodontal disease. In addition to bettering the health of your mouth, the ginger will have your breath smelling clean and fresh for hours.

Reduce Migraine Pain

Eating ginger or drinking ginger tea can drastically lessen any pain that accompanies headaches and migraines. When you get a headache, the muscles in your head and neck tighten and cramp, making you feel like someone is squeezing your skull. The anti-inflammatory found in gingerol helps soothe those muscles and reduce swelling that causes pressure and pain. A nightly cup of ginger tea can help prevent migraines or headaches before they even begin.

Energize your Morning

Ginger is filled with vitamins and nutrients that are sure to add a pep to your step. Adding ginger to your morning smoothie or juice can give you added natural energy that will carry you through the day. Ginger contains vitamins c and b and provides a boost to both your mood and your energy level. Ginger is also the perfect supplement to take before a workout because it will keep you energized and reduce the swelling in your muscles that make you sore.

Gut Health

In addition to containing a natural anti-inflammatory, ginger also acts as an anti-microbial that can help kill dangerous bacteria in your stomach. Ginger has been proven to limit the negative effects of dangerous bacteria like e-Coli and salmonella. Drinking ginger tea regularly can help nip any bacterial issues in the bud. Ginger is also great for your overall gut health. Ginger can calm the stomach, control the production of excess stomach acid, and prevent heartburn.

Lessening the Severity of a Cold and Cough

Ginger has been found to reduce the frequency and severity of a cough. The natural oils in ginger can coat the sinuses and reduce pressure on your face, neck, and throat. Consuming ginger when you have a cold is a great way to make you feel just a little better.

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