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What NOT To Include In Your Breastfeeding Diet

Foods to Avoid While Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding Requires a Change To Your Lifestyle

Although breastfeeding is an essential process that provides your baby with nutrition and immunity, you may feel strange and have many questions about it. This is especially true for your breastfeeding diet, since you want nothing but the best for your bundle of joy. It’s actually unsurprising to feel this way, knowing that everyone seems to have an opinion on foods to avoid while breastfeeding!

For this purpose, we made this article to talk about all the breastfeeding diet habits you should avoid. With that, we will help you understand how to eat properly and prevent problems from arising.


After nine months of abstinence, while being pregnant, you may have craved an alcoholic drink. However, it is best to avoid alcohol while breastfeeding as it can pass into breast milk. Still, one to two cups a week should not cause a problem and harm your baby.

If you plan to include alcohol in your breastfeeding diet, make sure to wait at least three hours after your last drink to feed your baby. That is enough time for the alcohol to be eliminated from the milk. You can also consider pumping before you go out so that your baby has milk ready, and you don’t have to worry about the alcohol in it.


When we talk about caffeine, we don’t just mean coffee because many products contain this stimulant. Avoiding caffeine is a very important breastfeeding diet restriction, as it passes into the milk and will cause problems in your baby, such as restlessness and difficulty sleeping.

Of course, this does not mean that you should not consume caffeine at all, but be careful about its amount and limit it to a maximum of three hundred milligrams per day. To that end, research the caffeinated products you consume and pay attention to their caffeine content.

Certain fish types

Fish is an excellent food because of the level of nutrients it has. This includes iodine, omega-3, and protein. However, some fish types, such as marlin, swordfish, and some lake fish, are foods to avoid while nursing a newborn. This is because of the mercury they contain. It penetrates breast milk and reaches the baby, where it causes problems in the development of the nervous system. Fish that do not have a lot of mercury are tuna and salmon, meaning they’re perfectly safe to include in your breastfeeding diet.

Common allergen foods

During breastfeeding, your baby may be sensitive to some food you have eaten. For example, beans, some dairy products, or broccoli can cause gas that will make the baby cry. Certain products, such as eggs, nuts, or cow’s milk, can also cause allergic reactions, making them foods to avoid while breastfeeding.

If you notice any changes in your baby related to the food you have consumed, be sure to consult your doctor. During this period, it is wise to keep a diary to write down everything you have eaten, and you will monitor your baby’s reaction. If you notice something, avoid that food altogether. Of course, if the changes are of the type of swelling or breathing problems, call an ambulance immediately.

What to eat

Besides these foods to avoid while breastfeeding, you’re free to make your breastfeeding diet as diverse as possible! Be careful to take in enough calories, i.e., over 400 extra calories during the day. Also, follow your doctor’s dietary recommendations to ensure your child’s perfect development and progress.

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