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Your Second Child


What to Expect When you Bring Your Second Child Home

Having a second child is the best of both worlds. You get to experience all of those great ‘firsts’ with your new baby, but you now have the experience to make the difficult moments of life with a newborn easier. As your family grows, it is important to be prepared for all the challenging moments that are unique with a second child. Here is what to expect in the first week of bringing your second child home.

Meeting of the Siblings

One of the most magical moments of bringing your second child home is the opportunity for your children to meet for the first time in their new home. This can be an emotional time for all members involved. You will most likely feel joy, while your first child may feel a mix of emotions. Excitement, jealousy, and confusion are all valid emotions for your child to have when meeting their sibling. Be sure to give your child a safe space to process their emotions, presenting the situation as a positive one can help everyone involved make a positive lasting memory.

A Week of Stress for your First Child

After the initial meeting, your children may be excited about life with their new siblings. However, as the week goes on, your first child may grow to feel more negatively. A newborn requires a lot of attention and time. This may make your first child feel like they are not getting an equal amount of your attention. Try your best to include your first child in some first-week routines you do with your newborn. If your children feel involved with their new siblings, they are more likely to build a positive relationship early on and act out less.

A lot less Sleep

Everyone knows that a newborn comes with a lack of sleep. With your first child, you were most likely able to sleep when you had the opportunity. When your newborn slept, you probably also took a nap. However, with two children, you must now keep to an established schedule. It is impossible to take an afternoon nap with your newborn if your other child requires your attention. This is why scheduling a nighttime routine with your partner is such a vital task. If you share the workload, you can get in enough sleep to be functional throughout the day. Take turns taking afternoon naps so that someone is always able to meet the needs of your other child.

Overwhelming Joy

Having more than one child is a difficult task. However, the moments of joy that accompany chaos make it all worth it. Seeing your children laughing together or playing together will make all the tough times feel better. Building a family is a difficult job, but with a little extra planning and a lot of love, you and your children will form a bond that lasts a lifetime. Soak in all the positive moments and enjoy every second.