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3 Myths About Heartburn


Heartburn Myths Debunked

Heartburn is a v that many people experience regularly. When an ailment happens as regularly as heartburn, it is normal for a wide variety of myths and old wife’s tales to form around causes and cures. Understanding heartburn and knowing the right way to treat it is your best option to avoid the discomfort that it may bring. Dispelling myths about heartburn is important so that everyone knows how to deal with this regular yet uncomfortable problem.

Heartburn is related to Heart Problems

It is a common myth that heartburn is directly related to heart problems. Many believe that high blood pressure or an irregular heart rhythm can cause discomfort and pain in the form of heartburn. This is false. Heartburn is not a warning sign that you are having heart issues. Even though the name of this ailment has the word heart in it, it is not related to your heart at all.

The uncomfortable sensation that you feel during heartburn is actually your stomach acid exiting your stomach and causing discomfort in your esophagus. Heartburn can be caused by a variety of issues, but is most often tied to your diet. Overly greasy foods and foods high in acid are most likely to blame for most fits of heartburn.

Heartburn is a result of a poor diet

Another common misconception about heartburn is that it is only caused by eating a terrible diet. Although heartburn can be intensified by the foods you eat, your diet is not solely responsible for feelings of pain and discomfort.

Heartburn can happen to anyone for many reasons. As your stomach works to break down your foods, sometimes it produces too much acid that can overflow the stomach and leak into the esophagus. Even if you avoid heartburn-causing foods, you still may experience heartburn regularly. That is why it is important to understand the heartburn is a normal condition that can be treated naturally with many foods that we already keep in our homes.

Heartburn cannot cause any lasting harm

Heartburn is very common. Most cases will only cause you a slight bit of discomfort for a short time. However, frequent and consistent cases of heartburn can cause lasting damage and may even be a precursor for some long-term diseases.

If you experience frequent and consistent heartburn, you may have a disorder called Gerd. Although Gerd can be treated with over-the-counter medications and soothed through natural remedies, it can still be harmful if left ignored. Repeated stomach acid entering the esophagus can increase your chances of esophageal cancer. Continuous exposure to harsh acid causes lasting damage to your esophagus that may affect the way you eat. Although there are some serious side effects to untreated long-lasting heartburn, most people have nothing to worry about. If you pay attention to your body and make choices to remedy your heartburn, you most likely will be unharmed in the long run. If your heartburn persists and the natural remedies no longer seemed to help, you may want to contact a medical professional for advice.