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5 Ways You Can Help Boost Your Baby’s Brain Development Before Birth

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You Can Boost Your Baby’s Brain Development Before Birth

Every new and expectant mom wants to know how they can raise a smart baby. Fact is, you can help to boost your baby’s brain development through your regular day-to-day activities designed to keep you healthy. Being a mom and being pregnant means a different lifestyle. This article looks at your lifestyle, diet, and personal discipline.

Stay Active

Exercising and staying active is essential for your body’s health, but studies show that aerobic exercises can improve your unborn child’s brain function. It is possible to stay active while pregnant. Talk to your doctor about what you can still do while your baby develops. You might think you don’t have time to exercise, the reality is, you don’t have time not to exercise.

Eat Eggs & Fish

There are two recommended vitamins for pregnant women known to aid with better brain cell development – choline and omega-three fatty acids. Choline can be found in egg yolks and omega-three fatty acids can be found in fish like sardines or salmon. Both vitamins have been shown to improve learning and memory in babies when taken during pregnancy. In addition to good vitamins, eggs and fish are high in protein and that means they are both part of a balanced diet.

Add a Prenatal Supplement

Folates are the best known supplements to help a developing baby grow. They are specifically known to promote healthy brain cells. Some have also suggested that a diet high in folate while pregnant can reduce the risk of autism in your baby. Beans, lentils, asparagus, and other leafy greens are high in folate, but extra dietary supplements high in folate are also encouraged. Certain pre-natal supplements will also contain other compounds that will help your baby grow.

Talk & Read to Your Baby

The best way to bond with your child is to read together. No one thinks twice about sitting your youngster on your lap to read a book, but did you know that the benefits to reading actually begin in the womb? Learning language begins in utero, and studies have shown that parents who talk and read to their baby throughout pregnancy promote early word recognition after they’re born. This means you can start your habit of reading good books to your child even before they are born. Pick up a book in the peaceful setting of your nursery and read to your unborn baby.

Get More Sleep

Staying well-rested is crucial to increasing your chances of a healthy birth, but it can also boost your mood and energize your immune system. With adequate sleep, your baby’s brain will have the time to grow in the womb properly, limiting risks for post-birth developmental issues.