Is It Safe To Exercise During Pregnancy?

Is It Safe To Exercise During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy Exercise

Staying healthy when you’re pregnant is of paramount importance.

For some women, this looks like workouts and moderate exercise; for others, it’s bed rest. You must speak with your healthcare provider at your first prenatal check-up to determine if exercise is safe for you and your baby.

Once you receive confirmation about you being able to work out, be sure to engage in safe activities and choose activities that you enjoy or will enjoy. Working your body with physical exercise that improves or maintains your level of fitness, health, and overall wellness can help with some of the common discomforts that pregnancy often brings and, in some cases, can help get your body ready for the strains of labor.

Safe Exercises For You To Try


A brisk walk can be a great workout that doesn’t strain your joints and muscles. If you didn’t work out before being pregnant, this is a great activity to start with. We want to avoid any activities where falling or causing abdominal trauma is likely, so walking is always the best place to start. Sorry to all the pregnant mommas out there looking to do mountain biking and rock climbing, but we want to stay safe.

Swimming or Water Exercises

If you experience lower back pains when you do other activities, try swimming. Water activities are easy on your joints and muscles and will support the weight of your growing baby. Activities that put a lot of strain on joints and internal organs are also a no-go. That’s why water activities are so perfect! The water gives a great resistance workout without any of the shocks and jolts you might expect from other high-impact activities.

Riding a stationary bike

Riding a regular bike is a risk as your chances of falling off are pretty high. Stationary bikes are safer and give you bodily and environmental control. Another thing to avoid is burst activities. These are workouts that involve high-performance bursts followed but stagnation (think sprinting or racing). Stationary bikes allow for whatever workout level you are looking for while allowing for a consistent, challenging exercise whenever you need it.


If you plan on doing yoga or pilates sessions, let your instructor know you are pregnant, so he or she can avoid giving you poses that are unsafe for pregnant women.  There are available yoga and pilates classes just for pregnant women offered in some gyms and community centers. If this is an activity you would enjoy, find out if there are any of these facilities near you. You probably want to pass on hot yoga though. Activities in hot, humid climates are not recommended. But beyond that, nearly all Yoga is great! The slow controlled motions and focus on breathing may be the best prep for the physical and mental trains of labor.

Closing Tips

  • Avoid tight-fitting clothes. Be sure your attire allows for a free-range of movement. A good supportive bra is also recommended.
  • Exercise on level, flat ground to prevent injury.
  • Be sure you are eating enough for yourself, the baby, and your exercise routine. Those burned calories have to come from somewhere.
  • Drink plenty of water before you begin exercising, and both during and after you finish. And if that makes you have to visit the little-girls-room, then think of it as a nice exercise break.
  • Be sure that after doing any exercises on the floor, you get up slowly and gradually to prevent the dizziness from low blood pressure and blood sugar.
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