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Battling Morning Sickness

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Draw the Battle Lines, Morning Sickness is Here

One of the early signs of pregnancy is that horrible nausea known as morning sickness.  This is one of the first signs of pregnancy and it usually fades away by the second trimester.  During the periods of sickness you will try anything for just a little relief, so here are a few tips.

Balance Activity and Rest

It is always important to get sufficient rest, but even more so when you are pregnant.  But lounging around in bed all day is also not a conducive plan for feeling better.  It is important to keep your mind and body sharp with appropriate exercise, including some mental exercises like crossword puzzles, games, and other activities.  These serve to keep your mind off your nausea and that helps a lot.  Once you complete your day, get a full night’s rest.  Also do not forget to take some time during the day for relaxation.

Eat Right

Of course everyone should be eating right, but when you are also eating for your baby, you need to be a little more careful.  We provided a few tips on good food for pregnant women before, but here we will talk about a few eating tips for morning sickness.  First on the list is carbs and protein.  Some crackers or bread in small quantities throughout the day can help relieve some of the feelings of nausea.  Try out eating a small pack of crackers throughout the day.  To wash down those crackers consider some mild tea.  Ginger and lemon are known to help with feelings of nausea so including these in your tea would be a good step to combating morning sickness.  Finally, make sure you are getting enough water to stay hydrated.

Try Some Queasy Pops

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