Eating Healthy During Pregnancy

Eating Healthy During Pregnancy


The motherly instinct begins before you hold your bundle of joy in your hands, so it is no surprise a mother-to-be wants to learn to be healthy.  The obvious things are those little dietary items your doctor keeps nudging you to think about.  It then dawns on you that what you eat is not just being taken in by your body, but also your unborn baby.  It occurs to you that you have finally found your excuse to eat right.  Here are a few tips we found in our reading.


This food group is full of the vitamins the developing baby needs for proper development.  You have probably already heard that folate is one of the most important B vitamins to consume during pregnancy, but you may not know that several beans are very high in vitamin.  On top of the B vitamins, legumes also contain a boost to your fiber and protein, particularly useful for vegetarian or vegan lifestyles.


I grew up without eating fish because of its fishy taste, but that did not stop me from trying salmon a few times only to discover a new dish I loved.  Most fish contain more omega-3 fatty acids, but salmon is one of the best.  In America we consume way too little omega-3 fatty acids and way too many omega-6 fatty acids, so adding some salmon to your diet is very helpful for you as the expectant mother, but this fatty acid is crucial for brain development of your growing baby.  Just a brief word of warning, it is recommended to limit seafood dishes to 2-3 times per week because of the possibility of mercury in some sources of seafood.


Berries are good for everyone since we can all find a favorite in the berry family.  Whether it is raspberries, strawberries, or blueberries, they all contain plenty of fiber, vitamin C, and plenty of water.  Find your favorite berry or change the berries you buy every week.  You can not go wrong with eating berries while pregnant or not.


Fenugreek is an herb with many benefits including an increase in breast milk production, nausea relief, and blood sugar regulation. You can read more about Fenugreek here.

Some More Tips

You can find these and more tips on this article we found at Healthline.