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The Health Benefits of Natural Ginger


Ginger – The Nausea Easing Powerhouse

Throughout history, medical professionals have used many plants for their medicinal qualities. Natural healers have used leaves, bark, and roots to relieve discomfort, minimize pain, and fix the body’s ailments. These natural remedies often doubled as food due to the helpful effects and lack of harmful side effects. Of all these medicinal plants, no natural remedy has proved more popular than natural ginger.

The ginger that we consume is from the root of the plant. You can use it fresh, dried, or powdered as a spice. In addition to adding a delicious and fresh flavor to foods and beverages, ginger root has plenty of medicinal properties. Ginger root contains a substance called gingerol that has many health benefits is used as a remedy for ailments and as a preventative supplement. So, what can ginger do for you?

Ginger for Nausea Treatment

The most common use of ginger is to treat nausea. If you have general nausea, morning sickness, or are suffering from post-operative nausea, a little ginger can ease your discomfort. Ginger drops can help with nausea by calming your stomach. Regular ginger consumption during morning sickness can lessen the pain and discomfort you may feel. Ginger can also reduce the frequency and severity of your vomiting. Ginger is safe for you and your baby and is completely natural. If you feel a fit of nausea coming on, a piece of ginger, a cup of ginger ale, or a ginger drop may help relieve your discomfort.

Ginger for Joint and Bone Pain

Joint PainSome recent studies have found that gingerol in ginger can help relieve pressure in your joints and bones. Mild joint pain can be incredibly annoying and can ruin your day. Ginger works as a natural anti-inflammatory and can help ease discomfort in your joints. A ginger supplement can ease the pressure in your joints by releasing the tension in the surrounding tissue. Less tension means less discomfort and pain.

Ginger is also useful in helping to ease pelvic pain during pregnancy. Gingerol can help ease tension in the pelvis caused by carrying a baby. Ginger is a great option for pregnant women because it is all-natural and safe for your baby. Ginger may be the best natural option to relieve your joint discomfort without the use of harsh medication that could affect your pregnancy.

Ginger for Indigestion

If you frequently suffer from indigestion, ginger may be an option to calm your chronic heartburn. Indigestion occurs when the contents of the stomach are not emptied quickly. If food stays in the stomach, it can cause your stomach acid to climb higher into your esophagus. This causes an extremely uncomfortable burning sensation. Ginger drops can help your stomach empty faster; reducing the time that stomach acid spends in your esophagus. The less time your stomach acid can spend outside the lined walls of your stomach, the less pain you will experience. Ginger tea is another great option to relieve the discomfort of heartburn as it can coat your throat with soothing ginger.

Ginger has many more unusual benefits, which we talk about here.