Pregnancy 9 - Three Lollies


Diet and Pregnancy

Woman Eating

How should you eat while pregnant? While pregnant, our body chemistry changes enough that we should consider some dietary changes. Of course, most of us need to improve our diet anyway, so use this time, when your little one is developing, and start working on that diet. We have talked about how to eat healthy […]

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Eating Fruits While Pregnant? Learn the Dos and Donts.

Pregnant Women Picking Fruit

While it is always a good idea to eat real food, your pregnancy should encourage you to eat right all the more.  Did you know some fruits can contain pesticide contaminants when you do not purchase organic? Did you know there are some fruits that are just as good without spending extra on the organic?  […]

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Handling the Holidays While Pregnant

Pregnant During Christmas

Holidays are Stressful Enough… Handling the holidays can be difficult for anyone.  The party invitations stack up next to the Christmas cards you wanted to send out, then the pressure to make those perfect cookies mounts up.  Stress for anyone.  But dealing with pregnancy during the holidays can mount up the pressure even higher.  Here […]

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When to Call Your Doctor or Midwife

The Mommy MD Guide Book: Surviving Morning Sickness

You know that feeling crummy is a small part of pregnancy, but if morning sickness is severe, your doctor may prescribe a medication or recommend taking a supplement. Here’s a list of morning sickness symptoms that warrant an immediate phone call to your physician or midwife. Vomiting blood or if your vomit looks like coffee […]

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Eating for Two at Thanksgiving


During the holidays, you are eating for two Pregnant mothers have a lot to be thankful for during the Thanksgiving holiday.  Every expectant mother wants to enjoy dinner, but a few tips come to mind when it comes to preparing the meal.  These are some extra things for a pregnant woman to keep in mind […]

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