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Choosing a Healthcare Provider When You are Pregnant

Interviewing a Doctor

How to Select a Healthcare Pregnancy Provider – What to Ask and Who to Consider

Although most physicians these days are highly professional, choosing the right healthcare pregnancy provider during pregnancy is extremely important. Ideally, pregnant healthcare should involve someone who is tender, caring, and determined to provide the best for you and your baby. But, still, this is no easy feat. We will go through some tips and experiences that will help you and your family choose the right healthcare pregnancy provider.

Firstly, it’s best if you try to find out the types of healthcare providers available in your vicinity. Better yet, ask, “Who is a healthcare provider for pregnancy?” Most likely, you’ll have a few options available at bay – Nurse Midwives (CNMs), Obstetrician-Gynecologists (OB/GYNs), Perinatologists, and Family Practitioners (FPs) – each with their own unique skills and abilities.

Then, after you start contacting them, think about asking the following questions to your healthcare pregnancy provider:

  1. How long have you been in practice? It’s good to know if they’re experienced or just starting out.
  2. Where did you receive your training? You want to make sure they got their education from a reputable place.
  3. Are you board-certified? This means they’ve passed exams and met certain standards in their field.
  4. Can you give me any references from other patients or professionals? Asking other mothers about their experience with a certain doctor can be very helpful.
  5. What do you believe about pregnancy, labor, and delivery? Your healthcare pregnancy provider should always align with your birth plan.
  6. How many babies do you deliver each week? This gives you an idea of their workload and experience.
  7. Do you work alone or in a group practice? If it’s a group practice, will you see different providers? It’s good to know who you’ll be seeing for your appointments.
  8. Will you be available around my due date? Just to make sure they personally will be there when the big day comes.
  9. Who do I contact if I have questions? Can I reach out via email? You might want to know when and where you can reach them and if they reply fast enough.
  10. Can I write a birth plan? A birth plan is a way for you to express your preferences for labor and delivery. Many healthcare professionals may choose not to work with you if your views on pregnancy differ.

However, before choosing a healthcare pregnancy provider, think about where and how you want to deliver your baby. There are a few options to consider:


Most babies are born in hospitals since it’s practically the safest option. When choosing a hospital, think about its location, facilities, and what kind of service they offer. Additionally, you need to check whether your preferred hospital has a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU for short) in case your newborn needs extra care. Numerous healthcare professionals are available 24/7, so you can easily cross safety off your list!

Birthing Centers

Alternatively, some women choose to deliver in birthing centers. These are usually located near hospitals and are a great option for soon-to-be-moms who have a low-risk pregnancy. However, check the staff’s credentials, especially if you choose them as your healthcare providers, and find out what happens if complications arise.

Home Births

Home births are a rare occurrence, but still, some women prefer the comfort of their own homes. However, most doctors won’t do home deliveries due to potential emergencies and unsafe environments.

In the end, after hours of questioning your potential healthcare pregnancy provider, make sure to take a tour of the hospital or birthing center you’re considering. Take all the time you need – you deserve the best care possible for you and your little one! And that is exactly why we created the Preggie line of products, ensuring a stress-free pregnancy without pesky nausea!

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