Diet and Pregnancy

Diet and Pregnancy

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How should you eat while pregnant?

While pregnant, our body chemistry changes enough that we should consider some dietary changes. Of course, most of us need to improve our diet anyway, so use this time, when your little one is developing, and start working on that diet. We have talked about how to eat healthy during pregnancy before, but we wanted to give a few more tips and send you along to a more comprehensive article from Healing Hands Chiropractic for even more details.

While pregnant, we do not want to over eat. I know, we are eating for two! But in reality, we do not need a big calorie boost. Just eat until satisfied and leave the second round of cookies alone! Eat a good balance of healthy fats and carbs, and consider adding more iron rich items to your diet as well, since your blood volume will be increasing. For more details on diet, check out the very detailed post on Healing Hands Chiropractic.

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