Eating for Two on Thanksgiving

Eating for Two at Thanksgiving


During the holidays, you are eating for two

Pregnant mothers have a lot to be thankful for during the Thanksgiving holiday.  Every expectant mother wants to enjoy dinner, but a few tips come to mind when it comes to preparing the meal.  These are some extra things for a pregnant woman to keep in mind as she makes her dinner decisions, not only for herself, but her unborn baby.

Beware Bacteria

Most of us are generally OK if we get a little extra bacteria, but for a pregnant it is best to avoid microbes during this year’s feast.  Among the things to bear in mind, first make sure the turkey is cooked thoroughly, to at least 165 degrees, but a little higher would not hurt.  A lot of poultry can contain salmonella and it is important to make sure to kill it all.  Also, it might be best this year to cook the stuffing outside the bird.  The soft, porous bread can harbor bacteria and if it is also not cooked to 165 you might be eating more bacteria than your pregnant body can take.  The last potential holiday beverage to steer clear of is eggnog because it contains raw eggs which is also linked to salmonella.

Avoid the Toast

No, we are not talking about the toast and jam, but the alcohol.  Of course we already mentioned eggnog which is oftentimes served with alcohol, but wine and some other alcoholic beverages are also common during this holiday.  While a little wine is generally OK on occasion, it is best for the pregnant crowd to abstain from alcohol because whatever you eat, your baby is also eating.

Careful with the Leftovers

Any professional cook will tell you to be careful with how you store your leftovers after the big feast.  It is important to remember that if food is left out too long it can encourage bacterial growth.  Even if the turkey was cooked above 165, letting it sit out for hours can still encourage bacterial growth.  It might be best to take some time to put away all the hot food before dessert so you can ensure food will not bad.  If you are careful to store the food right you can rest assured your turkey sandwiches will remain fresh, but if the bird was left out for several hours, it may be best hold off until next year for your leftover sandwiches.

With these tips in mind you can rest assured you are having a happy and healthy Thanksgiving.