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Fighting Summer Motion Sickness

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How To Prevent Nausea While Traveling

Summer is almost upon us, so it’s time to start planning the ultimate vacation! Are you already considering some options? Between road trips to the beach and flights to tropical destinations, there may be one thing that is slowing you down – motion sickness.

Nausea while traveling is a common disturbance that happens to both adults and children. If you or your little ones suffer from it, no worries! Today, we will look into some of the symptoms of travel sickness, as well as some natural remedies that will ensure a safe and queasy-free trip.

Motion Sickness Symptoms

Motion sickness may come as a surprise for the first time. On the other hand, people who frequently experience nausea while traveling can recognize the symptoms almost instantly, and probably have their own methods for keeping it at bay. The most common travel sickness symptoms include:

  • Burping and vomiting
  • Feeling like you have lost balance and feel dizzy
  • A general sense of sickness and tiredness
  • Strong headaches
  • Uncontrollable cold sweats

Anyone can experience this – especially young children. Contrary to panicking and not knowing what to do, you can always come prepared. Add some precautions to your itinerary before you go on a road trip to save yourself the trouble of pulling over every 15 minutes.

Ways To Prevent Nausea While Traveling

Believe it or not, some of the best fixes are the easiest ones. Here is what you can do to fend off nausea while traveling and ensure a fun and calm trip for your entire family:

  • The stomach needs constant care – caring for the stomach before you go on a trip is important. Upon your adventure, everything that you or your child has eaten may start “coming back”. So, before a trip, remember not to consume heavy, spicy, unfamiliar foods.
  • Stock up on essentials – this specifically goes for those traveling with children! If you want to avoid a graphic scenario in your car, fill it up with some motion sickness essentials. These include a leak-proof bag with a seal to minimize odor, cleansing products such as wet wipes, and breath mints for refreshment.
  • Talk to your child – remember that a small child might not know they’re experiencing nausea while traveling, so keep an eye out for the warning signs. Frequent yawning, sweating, change of color to the skin, fidgeting, and more are only a handful of the symptoms that show motion sickness is just around the corner. Talk to them and let them know it is okay to say if they are feeling unwell.
  • Include breaks – a lot of them! For those who are experienced in the subject of queasiness while traveling, adding frequent breaks into your itinerary is a smart move. Remember to be flexible and allow anyone who feels queasy to recover. Take short breaks instead of being stuck in the car.
  • Meet the issue head-on – other than having water handy at all times, you can further prevent this issue, particularly if it is happening to your kids! We can offer some natural remedies for motion sickness, such as our Queasy pops, providing a chemical-free way to calm down an upset stomach. Let them pop a lollipops, and they will feel better fast! We also have Queasy Bands that may also help.

We hope these tips will help you treat nausea while traveling, so you can embark on your journey carefree! In the meantime, read the rest of our blogs and make sure to check out our store for more natural remedies for nausea.