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How To Establish Healthy Post-Pregnancy Sleep Habits

Postpartum Sleep

Postpartum Sleep Tips

You’ve had your baby, congratulations! You must be overwhelmed with emotion! As you settle in, every day comes with a new challenge. Viewing the world with brand-new eyes is interesting, but what happens when you close them? Sleep is just as important as everything you do during the day.

Poor sleep can have some negative impact on your brain function, and let’s face it, as a new mom, you want to be at your best! Having a newborn in the home often means disrupted sleep but establishing some healthy post-pregnancy sleep habits can result in optimal functioning between you and your baby.

Now, one of the most frequent questions new moms ask themselves is how to improve sleep quality after giving birth. While some moms find this incredibly easy, others might have a hard time coming up with a schedule that works best. In some cases, other issues, such as postpartum insomnia, may prevent moms from getting a good night’s sleep. If you fall into the latter categories, don’t worry! We’ll show you how you can establish some healthy sleeping patterns.

Optimizing your sleep takes effort, but it is worth it. Check out our postpartum sleep tips below to ensure a restful night for both you and your newborn.

Be consistent

Being consistent is the first aspect you should incorporate into your sleeping pattern. Going to bed at a certain time and waking up at a certain time can help you set the rhythm of your body. You can go to bed at the same time as your newborn and create a sleeping cycle for both of you! Additionally, stick to the rule – sleep when your baby sleeps!

Optimize your environment

Creating the ideal sleep setting is essential. As your baby needs quiet, a good room temperature, and less light to fall asleep, the same goes for you. Reduce the noise and the external lights to a minimum and create the perfect bedroom environment. Ensure you have created a cool, dark, and relaxing space to optimize your sleep.

Avoid late-night snacks

Being a new mom means feeling pressured to “live up to unrealistic expectations”. Instead of pushing yourself toward an unhealthy behavior that can lead to stress eating (especially at night), give yourself a break! You may not notice it, but this disrupts your healthy sleeping pattern! One of the sleep tips for new moms we can give is to ease yourself into the role without feeling pressured – and take it one step at a time.

Take a shower/bath

You might be a new mom who constantly wants to be around the baby’s presence, but you are not alone in the process. You get to have some time off, so use it for yourself! While your newborn is in the safe hands of your partner, family member, or friend, take the time to draw yourself a relaxing bath or take a shower. Taking a hot bath or showering before going to sleep will improve your sleep quality and help you feel more rested. You’ll see how this postpartum sleep tip will put you in a relaxed state, guaranteeing that you’ll sleep as hard as your newborn!


Besides walking around the home singing lullabies to your tiny loved one, you can indulge in light exercise. Keeping your body active during the day can help you sleep better at night. Postpartum can be quite the ride for both your mind and body, so make it easy for you. No need to push your limits – a gentle, light exercise during the day will do the trick.

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