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How to Keep Your Newborn Cool Through the Summer Months

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Babies Need to be Comfortable

Bringing your newborn home at the beginning of the summer can come with some unique challenges. With rising temperatures, it is important to keep your child cool and comfortable when they sleep during the summer months. Keeping your baby cool can reduce the risk of overheating and will help your baby sleep more soundly. Here is how you can keep your baby cool during hot days.

Fans and Air Conditioning

If you have access to air conditioning and fans, you should be using them near your baby’s room. Keeping the baby’s room at a comfortable temperature is always advised. These may be the obvious choices, so here are some tips if you do not have access to fans or air conditioning.

Breathable Onesies and Swaddles

Lightweight clothing and swaddles are going to be your best option for keeping your baby cool. These fabrics usually allow your baby to regulate their temperature while keeping them dry from sweat. You can put your baby to sleep in just a diaper, but if your child sleeps better when swaddled, make sure to use a lightweight and breathable fabric.

Lightweight Crib Sheets

One of the ways that babies overheat while sleeping in the summer is by sleeping on thick sheets that trap body heat. The sheets on your baby’s crib mattress should be lightweight and breathable to allow the heat coming off your baby to dissipate and escape. Cotton sheets are a good option, but some sheets are made specifically to keep your baby free of sweat and an excess amount of heat.

Reflective Curtains

One of the best ways to lower the temperature in your baby’s room is to keep out the sun. Reflective or light-colored curtains deflect sunlight and the heat that comes with it out of your baby’s room. Decreasing the sunlight and the sun-generated heat that enters through your baby’s windows can reduce the overall temperature by up to 20 degrees.

Cooling Pads

Cooling pads can slip under your baby’s sheets and can help cool their beds while they sleep. Some pads plug in while others do not. These pads are safe when used correctly and can help dissipate the body heat that gets trapped under your baby when they sleep. Cooling Pads should be in your first aid kit.

Strategic window opening

Opening your baby’s windows at night, when it is cooler and there is no sun, can help reduce the temperature in the room. As soon as the sun comes up and the temperatures start to rise, close and block the windows to keep the cold air that entered the night before trapped in the room. You can also check for natural cross breezes that can cool your child’s room if utilized properly.

Keeping your baby safe in hot sleeping conditions can keep them happy and healthy. If you are unable to provide a safe and relatively cool sleeping environment for your child, it may be best to seek help from a loved one or look for resources in your community and city.