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Pregnancy and the Road

Driving While Pregnant

Staying Safe on the Road While Pregnant is Critical

It can be really hard to stay off the roads. When you are pregnant, the need to drive becomes even more pressing as preparations for your upcoming bundle of joy take center stage. There are doctor appointments, shopping, moving and coordinating that must all be done within the short window of pregnancy.

However, these are unprecedented times, and coronavirus had presented new challenges for the average pregnancy that did not exist before. There is still a lot to do to prepare for a baby, but now with the added burden of the ever-present concerns about illness. With the coronavirus vaccine roll-out becoming more widespread, new mothers everywhere are beginning to breathe a collective sigh of relief as they begin to emerge from their homes and catch up on all that COVID has thrown to the wayside.

Of course, it is not just pregnant women who are beginning to leave their homes, and traffic is starting to return to pre-pandemic levels everywhere. Regardless of whether you are driving cross-country to finally visit family or just down the street to the store, there are some things that pregnant women can do to stay safe on increasingly busy roads.

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