4 Products to Help Ease Pregnancy Pains

4 Products to Help Ease Pregnancy Pains

Product to Ease Pregnancy Pain

No one said pregnancy was going to be easy.

After all, you’re growing an entirely new human on your own, and so pregnancy takes an incredible toll on your body. In fact, pregnancy pain is normal for all expectant mothers. But your pregnancy doesn’t need to feel like nine months of dread.

That’s why we’ve compiled this list of 4 common pregnancy pains, and products to combat each of them, so you can focus on the miracle of life that you’re nurturing, instead!

For fatigue: The right pillows

If you’ve been feeling tired constantly, you’re doing it right: Growing a baby inside your own body inevitably saps the energy out of you. Despite this, you can lessen the effects of pregnancy fatigue with a good night’s rest, which you definitely won’t be getting after you give birth.

And though it’ll be more difficult to find a comfortable sleeping position as you inch closer to your due date, this won’t pose a problem if you have a great pregnancy pillow on hand.

You can try pillow wedges, which are a cost-efficient option that’ll give your baby bump a good snuggle. If your budget allows it, though, consider getting body-sized C- or U-shaped pillows. The Snoogle body pillow, for instance, was designed by a registered nurse and mother, and you can use it in a variety of positions without putting pressure on your bladder!

For backache: An ergonomic chair

Experts say the remote setup is here to stay, even after the pandemic. And if you’ve been working remotely while expecting, you’ve probably realized how crucial having a good chair is. After all, it’s easy to get back pain even if you’re not pregnant — what more if you are?

So consider investing in a good ergonomic chair for your pregnancy and beyond. This article explains that the best ones are those that imitate your spine’s natural curve and provide additional back support, even if you move around a lot. Adjustability is another important factor.

Look for chairs with tilt limiters, which offer you a wide range of reclining options. It’s also easy to find chairs specifically made to support your lower back!

For morning sickness: Our Preggie Drops and Preggie Pops

This one’s for all expectant mothers: You don’t have to suffer needlessly through those bouts of morning sickness! And with the possibility of morning sickness lasting throughout the entirety of your pregnancy, you might be looking for something to hold it off.

Though no one really knows why morning sickness occurs, some speculate that it might be due to fluctuations in your blood sugar level, so keep it steady by eating candy every so often. Our Preggie Drops and Preggie Pops were specially formulated by healthcare professionals for this exact purpose.

For fluid retention: Compression socks

When you’re pregnant, you may be retaining more than what’s in your amniotic sac — it’s common for your feet, ankles, and even your legs to get swollen, too. You can avoid this by drinking more water, as your body tends to stockpile it if it feels like you’re dehydrated or try not to stand for long periods of time.

Meanwhile, compression socks and leggings are great for both preventing fluid retention or easing existing symptoms. Physix Gear Sport’s compression socks, for example, offer safe and comfortable medical-grade compression that come in various designs. They also feature a moisture-wicking feature, helping your feet feel fresh and dry for longer!

With this information, you’re well-equipped for smooth sailing until your due date, so enjoy and feel better!

Article exclusively written for threelollies.com

By Raffy Jolene

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