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Top 5 Winter Yoga Poses

Top Winter Yoga Poses

Staying Healthy in the Winter Months

Are you one of those people who want to stay active during the winter? Even though the temperature dropped and there isn’t as much sun, we have to find some interesting ways to keep ourselves in shape. With that in mind, now is the perfect time to do some winter yoga!

You have probably heard that winter is an ideal season to start doing yoga. If you are a beginner, you’ll have lots of time to practice until summer comes. And once the heat comes back, you’ll be more prepared than ever! For now, let’s stick to our topic of interest – yoga in winter.

Let’s delve into the top 5 winter yoga poses! They will help you with your physical strength and your mental clarity and, of course, will make you feel more emotionally stable. Don’t forget to make a cup of tea after and enjoy the “white” view out of your window!

Sun Salutation / Surya Namaskar

First on our list is the pose that serves as a perfect warm up for winter yoga that will engage your whole body and enhance your blood circulation. Every movement you make will be synced with your breath, creating warmth in your muscles and joints. Just as the name says, this pose will bring the sun’s energy back to you, especially in the frosty mornings. Furthermore, this winter yoga pose will not only give you a sense of warmth but will also prepare you for the rest of the exercises.

Warrior II / Virabhadrasana II

Second on the list is the pose that encourages stability, focus, and strength – just what we need for yoga in winter! The standing pose from Warrior II will not only engage your core, shoulders, and thighs but also give you a sense of balance and increase your inner strength.

This is also a great pose for expectant mothers as it engages the pelvic muscles, which need to be as strong as possible during birth, especially if you want an easy labor. However, sometimes, sickness may stand in your way. If you are pregnant and feeling nauseous, we recommend that you try our Preggie box. It has all the nutrients to keep your health in great shape and protect your body.

Chair Pose / Utkatasana

Another challenging yet rewarding winter yoga pose that will target your muscles is the Utkatasana. Imagine sitting on a chair with your arms raised and feeling how your physical strength generates a wave of heat all over your body. This pose promotes good posture and helps in the fight against slouching. That being said, this pose is a must in your winter yoga flow, especially for those who work behind a desk the entire day. Doing the Chair pose will raise your awareness of your body posture, flexibility, and well-being.

Camel Pose / Ustrasana

The next pose will help you with the flexibility in your spine and shoulders. It will give you a sense of cozying up against the cold during the winter days. By stretching your upper body and opening your chest, you will feel tension release, further contributing to your well-being. Including Ustrasana in winter yoga will wrap you with warmth and will open up your mind, all the while strengthening both your emotional and physical resilience.

Corpse Pose / Savasana

Last but not least, on our list of top five winter yoga poses is the one that will give you the perfect conclusion to your exercise set. Even though Savasana is often underestimated, it is a pose of complete relaxation that will allow your body and mind to absorb every minute you spend practicing winter yoga. During chilly days, this asana will release the remaining tension, quieten your mind, and promote the inner feeling of peace.

To sum up

Even though winter doesn’t promote outgoing and self-care, we still need to find a way to help your body stay in the healthiest shape possible. These five poses will not only encourage physical well-being but also create a deeper connection between you and the world. Embrace the warmth from winter yoga. It will give you the strength to cope with the chilliness outside! And, as always, keep reading and check out our products!


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