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What Should you Eat after a Chemo Treatment?

Whole Grains

Certain Foods Can Help Restore Energy

Chemotherapy treatment can leave you feeling drained of your energy. You may feel extremely fatigued and nauseous. Eating the right things after your chemotherapy has you feeling better and more energized, so you can get through the side effects. It is suggested that you do not eat large meals after your treatment to avoid nausea and vomiting. Here are some things to have around for after your chemo treatments. You can also try these drinks.


Although it may not seem like the most fulfilling meal, the broth is your best option after a treatment. Clear broths are high in protein and are generally well-received by a nauseous stomach. Broths are a great way to get all your necessary nutrition while you wait for that queasy feeling to go away.


High-fiber fruits like apples are a good option if eaten in small amounts. Apples are packed full of the energy your body needs to recover. Apples have been found to help diminish discomfort caused by nausea while fueling your body for recovery. The fiber content in a few apple slices is just enough to help regulate your stomach acid while helping you feel fuller with less food.


Many berries are packed with antioxidants that are great for people in chemotherapy and cancer recovery. Blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries are also filled with the vitamins and nutrients that your body needs to replenish after a chemo treatment. Berries also contain a natural pain reducer that can help mitigate any aches and pains you may feel. Fresh berries are a great option because you can easily regulate the amount you eat. Frozen berries are also effective in reducing pain. Berry-based fruit juices may also be a great option if you are not up for eating solid foods.

Simple Whole grains

Crackers and toast may seem boring, but the carbohydrates found within will give your body the energy it requires to get back on the right track. Rice and bread are also options if you want something a little heartier. Simple whole grains are great after a chemo treatment because they are simple foods that have no smell or disagreeable taste. Simply grains, if eaten in small amounts, should not add to your nausea or discomfort. These foods also act as sponges in your stomach, soaking up any excess stomach acid that may cause nausea, heartburn, or vomiting.


Gelatin is more than meets the eye. There is a reason that jello is the first thing served to hospital patients across the country. In addition to being an agreeable food when you are feeling queasy, jello is full of the collagen needed to help your muscles and tendons shake any aches and pains. Collagen feeds your body all the things it needs to start the recovery process from head to toe. The cool temperature of jello can also be soothing to the stomach. Mixing your jello with fruit juices is a great way to add antioxidants, vitamins, and extra nutrients to your jiggly snack.

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