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Flying with Motion Sickness | How to Be Prepared

Air Sickness

What to Pack in Your Carry-On to Help Motion Sickness on a Plane

With summer right around the corner, many will be preparing to take their first vacation since before the pandemic. If you haven’t flown in a couple of years, your body may not be prepared for extended air travel. Motion sickness can be common on airplanes, and no one wants to ruin their trip before they even land. Preparing to combat motion sickness can ensure that your trip is enjoyable, and your plane ride doesn’t put you out of commission. Here is what to take with you in your carry-on to help reduce the side effects of motion sickness when you fly.

Queasy Band

The queasy band uses acupressure to reduce feelings of nausea and minimizes the chances of vomiting. The queasy band uses an elastic band with a specially designed plastic piece to place pressure on your wrist. This has been proven to help reduce queasiness that comes from motion sickness. The queasy band is drug-free and made of materials that are safe to bring on a plane. Simply slip the queasy band on your wrist before taking off, and you will not have to deal with the discomfort that comes with motion sickness.

Queasy Drops and Queasy Pops

Queasy drops and pops are all-natural lozenges that can help reduce feelings of nausea. These lozenges use ingredients found in nature that have been proven to help you kick queasiness. Queasy pops and drops rely on ginger and other extracts to calm your stomach when you are starting to feel nausea from motion sickness. These lozenges come in a variety of delicious flavors and can be enjoyed throughout your flight.

Ginger Ale

Although flights limit the amount of liquid you can bring onto a plane, most will allow you to pack a small-sized sealed beverage. Ginger ale is a great way to combat nausea that comes with motion sickness. The ginger used in ginger ale contains gingerol, a naturally occurring anti-inflammatory that can help soothe the stomach. The carbonation in ginger ale can also help relax the stomach and keep nausea at bay.


A hydrated stomach is more resilient to nausea. Much like the ginger ale, you should be able to pack a small amount in a sealed water bottle. Small drinks of water can help relax the muscles in the stomach and reduce nausea. If you feel like you are going to vomit, water can help dilute the stomach acid and minimize the heartburn that comes after.

Small and Bland Snacks

Eating a small snack can help reduce nausea and soak up any uncomfortable stomach acid. A few crackers can be all it takes to ease the stomach during a fit of nausea. Chewing is also helpful when experiencing motion sickness because it can move your inner ear and possibly help your brain handle the movement without causing motion sickness. Avoid large meals if you know you usually experience motion sickness. Having a small snack ready can be a lifesaver on a long flight.