Post-Partum Necessities – Baby Must-Haves

Post-Partum Necessities – Must-Haves for Healing After Baby

Baby Gear

You and Your Baby Need These Necessities

The first few weeks after your baby is born can be hectic. Sleepless nights, new routines, and the stress of new parenthood can all add up. As you care for your new bundle of joy, you must remember that you are healing too. The birthing process can be hard on your body and it is important to take the time and care necessary to fully heal from birthing. Having the right equipment can be endlessly helpful throughout your healing process.

Peri Bottle

One of the most important steps in your healing process is keeping everything clean and sanitary. After birth, your perineum and the surrounding area will be sore and may have even torn. A Perry bottle, or another similar vessel, will make it easier for you to clean the area around your newly formed wounds. Rinsing the area with warm water a few times a day can help prevent any infections and speed up the healing process. A warm rinse can also be soothing to the area and can help lessen any discomfort or pain.

Cooling Pads

Cooling pads are great for soothing any pain that may be leftover after birth. these pads line your underwear and provide a cooling sensation to your healing area. The cool touch can feel nice in particularly uncomfortable areas and can help you heal a little bit faster. These pads are great if you have sore perineum or if you experienced any tears during birth.

Heating Pads

Heating pads are a great resource to help diminish pain in your abdomen. During the healing process, you may experience cramps or a general feeling of strained muscles in your lower midsection. A heating pad can soothe the muscles and keep you from painful cramps. Heating pads are also great for any general muscle soreness that you may have experienced from a particularly difficult birth.

Postpartum Underwear

Postpartum bleeding can last for up to six weeks after your birth. It is important to wear underwear that is comfortable and able to hold the necessary padding. You may have received mesh underwear from the hospital after the birth. These are perfect for holding large pads and soaking up any additional discharge. A pack of disposable postpartum underwear could help keep you comfortable and clean in the weeks after you have given birth.

Nipple Care

Many new moms will begin breastfeeding immediately after the birth of their child. In addition to the general soreness that your body will feel after birth, the new experience of breastfeeding can leave your nipples uncomfortable and raw. Immediately using an approved nipple cream can help lessen any possible pain that comes from breastfeeding. Be sure to find a cream that is unscented and approved for breastfeeding mothers. Heavy lotions can block your milk ducts, so it is best to avoid them. Nipple pads are also a necessity to avoid any additional irritation to the skin. Specialty pads that cool and heat are also available and could be great for soothing any potential pain.

Donut Pillow

Your undercarriage can be particularly sore for weeks after you have given birth. Sitting directly on a chair could be painful and even prolong the healing process. A donut pillow allows you to sit comfortably by providing space for your painful areas. Minimizing the pressure put on these areas can greatly reduce discomfort and speed up the healing process.

Healthy Diet

Getting healthy nutrition is key to your recovery after you give birth. In addition to recovering, it can also help prevent hair loss.

Do not be Afraid to Ask for Help

The birthing process can make your body feel almost broken. Your core muscles will be sore for weeks, and you will not be able to exert yourself physically. You will require assistance in many tasks. Asking for help from a loved one can greatly benefit your healing process by avoiding overexertion. Even the strongest mothers need help sometimes, so never be afraid to ask. Knowing when to get help, could be the best thing for your healing process and get you back to normal so you can enjoy being a new mother.

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