Pregnancy Announcement: When to Reveal Your Big News!

Pregnancy Announcement: When to Reveal Your Big News!

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After you get your positive pregnancy test a flood of emotions hits you. Whether it was planned or a total surprise, there’s often a lot to process! One of the first things that might cross your mind is when to share the big news. Yup––the pregnancy announcement!

Deciding when to share your pregnancy is a very personal decision, and there’s really no right or wrong time to do it. Up first is usually your partner, but beyond that, there are a few important factors to weigh before you make a pregnancy announcement to everyone you know.

I know, I know…it can be super hard to keep such big (and exciting!) news a secret. But many mamas do wait until the end of the first trimester because the rate of miscarriage drops off significantly at that point.

Beyond that, you might consider being strategic about when you tell certain people, like work friends for example. As for putting it on social media––all bets of it staying quiet after that are off, so you’ve got to be really ready to let the world know once it’s on there.

Today we’re going to give you some tips and advice to help you decide the right time for your pregnancy announcement.

When to tell people you’re pregnant?

Deciding when to announce your pregnancy is a decision that only you can make. But for most mamas, it makes sense to share the news with different people at different times. In general, most mamas approach their announcement in a sort of gradual release.–starting with their closest friends and family, and leaving an announcement on social media for last.

After week 14, the rate of miscarriage drops off significantly, making it the most common time for people to share their news. Before this milestone, it’s important to only share your pregnancy with people that you’d also be comfortable sharing your miscarriage with.

For some mamas, that’s more people than others, but because up to 1 in 4 women experience at least one miscarriage, it is a real possibility that needs to be considered when deciding to share your news.

Things to consider before you make your pregnancy announcement:

  • How public do you want your pregnancy to be in general and based on where you’re at in your pregnancy right now?
  • If you are still in the first trimester will you feel equally comfortable sharing the news of a miscarriage with the people who you want to tell about your pregnancy?
  • Do you want your work to know about your pregnancy this soon? There are definite advantages to waiting to make a pregnancy announcement at work for as long as possible (more on this below)
  • How does your partner feel about announcing your pregnancy? Are they more private or do they like attention? It’s important that you guys are on the same page
  • Before you put your pregnancy on social media, make sure to tell your loved ones the news in-person first
  • If you don’t want your news on social media, it’s best to be explicit about this with the people you choose to share the news with early on
  • Would you prefer to wait to share your news until week 20 when you find out the gender? For some, this can be the perfect time for a more public announcement
  • How are your symptoms? If you are having very severe first trimester symptoms, you may need to share with a few people sooner to get some support

Pregnancy announcement tips

Telling Close Family and Friends

If you decide to tell close family and friends about your pregnancy, it’s important to tell them if you are waiting to share the news more publicly. You should also tell them if there are certain people you’re waiting to tell.

Telling close family and friends is a great time to make the announcement extra special! Personalized gifts for the grandparents-to-be, like mugs or picture frames, will really make it a moment to remember.

Announcing Your Pregnancy at Work

Sadly, pregnancy discrimination is all too real (despite laws against it). It might be to your advantage to wait to share your news. Letting your workplace know too early can result in missing out on new projects or raises, and judgments about your ability to handle things, your energy level, and your priorities.

Many mamas say they wish they’d waited longer or were happy they didn’t share until they couldn’t hide their bump any longer. Waiting also gives you more time to get your ducks in a row regarding your maternity leave plans. I found it helpful to share my news with my supervisor well into my second trimester and immediately let her know what I was thinking in terms of a leave plan.

One thing to note, if you are having a rough go in the first trimester with morning sickness (or other symptoms) it might be a good idea to share your secret with a trusted co-worker. Having a work buddy who knows what’s going on can be a huge source of support. They can cover for you if needed, and it’s just nice to have someone looking out and understanding what’s really going on.

Announcing Pregnancy on Social Media

Once your pregnancy is on social media, everyone in your life will know. Be sure you don’t put it on here until you’ve told all of your friends and family as well as your workplace. You don’t want your boss finding out throughout the grapevine, trust me.

The fun part about announcing on social media is deciding how to do it! A quick search on Google or Pinterest will show you so many hilarious and clever ideas. Photos of a bun in the oven, announcements that include your fur babies, a pretty photo of your ultrasound pic, or a picture of you and your partner in custom t-shirts–the list of ideas goes on and on! Definitely have fun with this.

When will you make your pregnancy announcement?

In short, there’s no wrong time to share your pregnancy, it’s just important to understand the potential implications of sharing the news. Your best bet is to share with different people at the time that makes you feel the most comfortable!

By: Alli Wittbold