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What is ‘Period Flu’ and How To Treat It

Period Flu

Your Flu Symptoms Might be Hormonal

Many women experience flu-like symptoms before their menstrual cycle begins; none of us are strangers to pre-menstrual syndrome, commonly known as PMS. However, have you heard about period flu?

Period flu is characterized by symptoms that resemble the real flu, but it isn’t infectious, meaning it can’t spread to other people. In this article, we will explain what period flu is and how to treat it if you experience it. Keep reading and find out more.

What is Period Flu

Simply put, period flu is a group of symptoms some women may experience just before their menstrual cycle begins, some of which include headache, nausea, stomach problems, and constipation. In more severe cases, back pain, bloating, and body aches can also come into play. All these period flu symptoms resemble the “actual” flu, hence the condition’s name.

What Causes Period Flu

It is essential to remember that the influenza virus is a communicable disease, but doesn’t cause this condition. On the contrary, the reasons for the occurrence of period flu are hormonal fluctuations, especially the decrease in estrogen and the increase in prostaglandin.

Prostaglandins participate in multiple processes, including the immune response. This hormone signals the thermoregulation center in the brain; therefore, you can feel a slight increase in temperature. In addition, the uterus’ muscular layer contracts due to prostaglandin action. On account of this, you feel pain, nausea, and cramps.

Period Flu Treatment


If you are not planning a pregnancy soon, contraceptive medications can help you deal with period flu symptoms. They regulate the level of estrogens, thereby preventing an excessive increase in prostaglandin. However, there are adverse effects of using contraceptives. Therefore, consult with your gynecologist before taking any action.

Pain medications

Pain reliever pills can be used as period flu treatment to reduce feelings of pain, nausea, and cramps. This includes non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen. These drugs reduce prostaglandin levels. Moreover, you can take them over the counter, but consulting your doctor is advised.

Gastrointestinal medications

Gastrointestinal problems are common during flu season. If you are dealing with diarrhea as part of your period flu, use anti-diarrhea medicines.

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Heating pads

If you have stomach aches, cramps, and back or thigh pain, consider heating pads. Heat will give you comfort and reduce pain by promoting vasodilation and circulation.

Working out

Exercising regularly reduces the period flu symptoms. Of course, exercise intensity cannot be the same when dealing with the condition, but light exercises such as walking, light running, or yoga will be of great help. In addition, your sleep and mental health will improve, which are also great benefits.

In case all of these period flu remedies don’t work, visit your gynecologist. They will examine you, prescribe a personalized therapy, and give you specific advice.

Period flu is a nasty condition to deal with, but luckily, now you know how to treat it properly! If you liked this article and are interested in more similar content, check out our other blogs. Also, consider our products that can significantly relieve your symptoms of nausea and period flu.

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