Your Third Trimester Game Plan

Things to Consider During Your 3rd Trimester

Third Trimester

As you enter your third trimester, take time to celebrate the strength you have shown up to this point.

You are two-thirds through your pregnancy! And you are ready to finish strong. As you prepare for the final few weeks of pregnancy and your birth, here are some things to consider to ensure that you’re prepared.

Packing your Bag for the Hospital Stay

What you pack for your trip to the hospital can change your entire birthing experience. Labor can last from only minutes to days and you need to be prepared for anything. Not only do you want to bring the things that you’ll need for comfortable and successful labor, but you will also need a few things for your newborn baby. Plan and make sure that you have considered a variety of different scenarios. It’s better to bring more than you need than to not have something.

Tour your Hospital or Birth Center

The 3rd trimester is the best time to start getting acquainted with your hospital or birth center. When it comes time for delivery and you are about to go into labor, you’re going to want to know exactly where everything is. Scheduling a tour during your third trimester can ease any stress associated with the space. It will also show you the amenities that your hospital or birth center has. Knowing these places well will help you be fully prepared when you go into labor and still need to navigate the space.

Think about your Birth Plan

At this point in your pregnancy, you should have a good idea of what is possible when it comes to your birth plan. You should have all the information you need to determine how you want your labor to go. If you’re looking for a natural birth, start preparing for that during this time. If you would like to use special music, the 3rd trimester is the time to start gathering it. Keep in mind what your birth center or hospital will allow you to do. It’s also a good idea to understand what tools and amenities they have available there.

It’s also alright to change your birth plan as you go. No matter what you decide, your birth plans should help lessen the stress of the day and prepare you for labor. Although plans are great, labor can be an ever-evolving process. You may need to be willing to change your plans. That is why it’s important to have a general idea of what you want while still being flexible about what is best for you come the time of delivery.  

Preparing your Recovery Plan

As you enter your third trimester it is a good idea to consider what your plan is for your recovery. Labor is an intense process that requires your body to heal. Being prepared with all the tools you will need to recover will help you heal without stress. Keep in mind that you will also have a newborn to take care of, so you need to find ways to aid in your recovery even with a little one.