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Pregnancy in the Summer Months

Summer Pregnant

Surviving Pregnancy in the Hot Months

Being pregnant in the summer can be a beautiful thing. Time around the pool lounging with your favorite book can be a relaxing afternoon for most new mothers. However, the heat and humidity can be intensified by your newly pregnant body. You can expect moments of relaxation paired with bouts of being uncomfortable, hot, and sticky. Here are some tips to help you stay cool and healthy while pregnant during the summer months. We also have tips about summer day nausea remedies.

Stay Hydrated

The most important thing you can do as a pregnant mother in the summer is to stay hydrated. Water is the number one resource that your body uses to create new life. Drinking plenty of water will help your baby stay hydrated and full of all the great nutrients it needs to grow big and strong. Staying hydrated will also ensure that you stay healthy throughout your entire pregnancy, especially on the hottest days.

Stay Out of the Sun

Direct sunlight can be detrimental to your health. The sun can quickly cause you to overheat and become sick with exhaustion. In addition to the draining quality of the sun, it is also dangerous because of the toll it takes on your skin. Prolonged exposure to the sun can cause bouts of dizziness and fatigue, as well as skin cancer and harmful growths. Not only is the sun a dangerous source of heat for your baby, but it is also the number one cause of aging. Try to stay in the shade and utilize sun hats and umbrellas to stay out of direct sunlight.

Find ways to keep cool

Keeping your temperature down is not only good for the baby, but it will help you stay more comfortable all summer long. Fans are a great way to circulate air, both inside and out. A cold towel wrapped around your shoulders is another way that you can stay cool and comfortable during the summer months.

The best option to stay cool is to utilize a pool or body of water. There is nothing more relaxing and refreshing than taking a dip on a hot summer day. You may even find that the water may help relieve some pressure and tension that your baby puts onto your body. Swimming can keep your overall temperature manageable while still allowing you to enjoy the outdoors. Although light swimming is okay, it is important not to over-exert yourself in the pool. Use it to relax, not to train for the Olympics.

Outdoor Exercise

Outdoor exercise can be great for your overall health and happiness during pregnancy. If you can find a way to exercise outdoors without too much heat, you may see the benefits quickly. Try going on daily walks or doing morning stretches outdoors. Exercise and fresh air can help your body feel its best, while it helps to grow your baby. Do not over-exert yourself. Elect for light exercise only in mild temperatures to see the positive results of outdoor exercise during your pregnancy.

Is Your Baby Already Here?

If your baby is already here, it is important to keep him or her cool. Here are some tips for making sure your baby is comfortable in the summer.